Children, T-Shirts and Texas Lake Diving.

My son pulled a muscle. How does a three year old pull a muscle. I don’t know. But ours has. He was fairly whiney about yesterday and now he has become very angry and demanding, very demanding even for a toddler. We have been taking it easy watching movies and relaxing. As my cousin so correctly put it, “The only thing worse than a child running around and driving you nuts all day is a child who normally does so and is no longer able to.” So very true.

Today I am thankful for a three old who can run around and drive me nuts, because this whole laying on the couch thing, really isn’t working for Odin. He needs to run and jump, I can see it vibrating in his body, he’s mentally ready, just not physically. Hopefully by tomorrow he will be closer to full speed.

Now I need to give you TWO MORE FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT ME as the blog award insists, lets hope I have two more( the first two are in my previous blog here)!

3. I alter every t-shirt I have. I find that they do not fit the way I like if I don’t.I have done some more extreme altering and made the look like some sort of art project gone wrong, but mostly I just bring them in to fit the curve of my body better. Is this fascinating? Well……

4. Once, in the winter, when I was young, I jumped into a very cold lake in Texas with some friends of mine. I immediatly became discombobulated and wasn’t sure which way was up. This sucked, luckily I found the top. ┬áThe dumb things we do as teens. Luckily as I have grown, I have kept my spirit of adventure but I have learned to think through the things I do first.

Okay so in the next blog I will post the last three “about me’s” and possibly go ahead and share my picks for Most Versatile Blogger.