Being Thankful When Stress Clouds It.

There are those days you wake up and instantly the weight of things to be done and just life in general can drag you down, down, down.

Today started to be one of those days…started to.

I have  a choice to either swim in my stress or find ways to deal with it. So I started by tackling things head on, I called ATT first thing this a.m. I am still no closer to that being at an end but rather than sit and stew about it all day I am choosing to move forward. I have 2 beautiful kids counting on me to keep the flow.

I then postponed school for about 1 hour so I could take a nice hot shower. I am not a bath person, I just get sick of lying there. Reading a book in the tub is a nice romantic thought, like you see on t.v., but I have tried it and I always get the book wet so I prefer the shower.

This morning I stood, letting the water do its work. And it helped alleviate the stress level by about half. Being able to shut out everything just for a period of time, really helped put things and my emotions on things in perspective.

So, today I am thankful for stress relieving showers. And if one shower can take 50 percent of stress away, I wonder what two showers would do?

Well, it’s a nice thought, but there is no substitute for a little elbow grease and hard work I suppose.