November Thankfulness: Can Thankfulness be Angry?

Damn Skippy!

Today I am so unbelievably thankful that I am no longer with AT&T. For those of you who have followed me for the past year or more, well you know my troubles with their half assed attempt at being a phone company. Those of you just recently tuning in, suffice it to say, my experience with this company has led me to believe they wouldn’t know their head form a hole in the ground nor be able to find their butt with both hands.

In trying to keep this thankful and not a rant about the evils of AT&T I will be quick. I payed out of my contract in April, fully. However I received a collections notice wanting 129.81 cents from LAST OCTOBER, that I payed. Now somehow this mysterious money has shown up on an old internet bill from them and NOT on my cell phone bill, though it is clearly a cell phone charge, it even says it is. I called AT&T, they said according to their computers, cell phone wise, I am payed up but since it came on an internet bill I would have to call them which surprise! They are closed today, on Saturday,one of the few days people have off, you’d think they would want to make money but hey,¬†apparently they are closed. Now I demanded from the collections agency proof of this debt and they sent me copies printed from the att website of my bills. Uh, thanks I already have these, and this is not validation. Next is to get in touch with my old bank and see if I can get print outs of transactions from this time period.

Soooooo, Today I am very thankful I am no longer with ATT. Now if they would just get their shit together…..

I'll let you decide what's been 'grayed' out. I know what i would insert there.