Kreativ Blogger Award (yes I know that ‘creative’ is spelled wrong)

I have a headache the size of Texas. Consider that unknown fact number one of the ten I will be posing. Why am I posting 10 unknown facts about me (at least in blog-o-sphere)? Well, I have received a Blogging award from Thypolar. She is a lovely lady with impressive blogging skills and I am thankful for her nod in my direction. Give her a read, I think you will laugh and maybe cry too but I can’t be held responsible for that. 🙂 In all seriousness, she is worth the read, so please check her out.

With all rewards there is a formula you must follow. You mention who awarded you, which I have done and then you display the award.

The next step in accepting this award is to name 10 things that are relatively unknown to my blogger friends. I have already named number one, as lame as it may be. So lets move onward.

2. I make cookies about 5 out of the 7 days a week. They are always the same. GF oatmeal cookies. No I do not have celiac disease, I simply didn’t have flour one day and decided to use my baking knowledge to my advantage. Feel free to be impressed.

3. When I was 2, I ate an entire bottle of Flintstone vitamins. I lived. My sheets however smelt like one big fruity bomb. Lesson here? If your kid eats an entire bottle of kids vitamins, don’t panic. They will just pee…a lot.

4. Right now I am panicking wondering if I have another 5 mildly interesting things to post.

5. I am a home-body. When I was younger, I was exactly opposite, very social, very out there all the time. Now I prefer the quiet of my home. And when I do socialize I prefer the homes of others. Bars are too noisy for me. I can take it for an hour and then I am looking for the quiet of my house, where I can pour a glass of wine or what have you, lay back in bed and watch Frasier. Yes, there you have it.

6. I had a plaster clown head plaque that hung in my room as a child. As Stephen King so eloquently put it, “Nobody likes a clown at midnight.”

7. I don’t get men who wear eyeliner. I don’t care what hair band or goth band you are in, it isn’t sexy. Never trust a man who wears more makeup than you do…. and who can apply it better.

8. I had the honor of tattooing one of my Latte Ladies on my dad this past November. Sadly i didn’t get a photo of the tattoo but here is a pic of the process.

Yes, I know, the photo is amazing.


9. Pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but I will mention it again because honestly, this headache isn’t going anywhere. I Love Pit Bulls and I agree that they are the most misunderstood breed of today. Just as German Shepherds and Dobermans were once targeted as being vicious, so are pitts today. With a little hope and persistence and a lot of education, I think this can be changed. Please see my handsome man below.

The Captain


The last thing I must do is to pass along this award to other creative folks. I will indeed do this but for tonight I think my blog venture is done. I will post the other winners in the next few days. Until then ………



Awards, Facts and Nominees….

I still have three incredibly fascinating things to divulge about myself before I can pass on this award of Versatile Blogger onto other deserving folk. So here are my last three.

5. I am a fan of the twilight movies. Yes, I am a twi-hard. Now I do have to agree with Stephen King that they really aren’t very good literary works, they are basicly a soap opera for teens. He compares the Twilight Series to Harry Potter.

“Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.”
― Stephen King

And, well I have to agree, but that being said, the series has been a guilty pleasure of mine and before you ask…I’m team Edward, only because I think Jacob is cocky and arrogant.

6. I will be married 13 years this coming March. It has been an amazing ride. We have had our ups and downs, our extreme goods and our extreme bads, but we believe in what we are doing and we love each other. Marriage isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and I think today people enter into it with unreal expectations, thinking it will complete them as a person (recipe for disaster), or it will be like a romantic novel where yes, you have your differences but then everything ends up in a torrent of skin,flesh and desire and that somehow that makes it better.

I married my best friend, he is way different from me and i from him and naturally you get on one another’s nerves and argue but real people and real relationship is worth the fight. Getting over yourselves in order to see the problem and correct it is a worthwhile journey and only brings more depth to your relationship. I wouldn’t change a thing in the past with my hubs and I, it has all brought us closer and helped us understand one another fully.

Each year I am amazed by my hairy bearded man, he keeps me growing and on my toes. He challenges me in ways I never have been challenged and ultimately he wants to see me succeed in every possible way, as a mom, a writer, an artists and person. he keeps me sane.

7. Here we are at the edge of Maggie. I am originally from nowhere. My parents traveled a lot. I was born in Anderson Indiana and by the time I was 6 I had lived in Jacksonville and Panama City Florida, New England Massachusetts and then Galesburg Illinois. Galesburg is the general area that my family is from. My parents bought a house and we lived there (here) until I was about 12 when we moved to Lindale Texas for two years and finally New Orleans where I met my husband and had my first child. We left the year before Katrina and have been on the road since. From Galesburg Illinois to Deland Florida and then to Marion, Virginia and Columbia South Carolina and then back to New orleans for a couple of years and finally we are back in Illinois. I have loved everywhere I have lived and I loved the traveling as a child and as an adult, but with two kids now the moving gets a little tiresome for them and for us. I do however miss the South, it was the most influential on me as a young one and it still is my compass for how I live life and how I raise my kids.

Okay so the Nominees are…….(opening the golden envelope)

Dorky Deb: She is still one of my favorite bloggers and she has a lot of the things she juggles in life, and I’m not talkin’ your normal stuff either. She is worth the read every time.

Stacy Boe Miller: I have known this lady for a while now, I think we met when I was about 15 or 16 and she was 17 or 18. Anyways, she is an amazing person and she makes very cool jewelry (Yay! Jewelry!) , works at a school and has 3 beautiful children and an equally cool husband (thank god cause it sucks when your friend marries an asshole! Haha). She writes about jogging with a rainbow flag, her children’s fashion sense and just life, normal life and I love it. She is also a poet, another big love of mine.

BarrelRider: This is a talented guy. We first met him in South Carolina when my husband was tattooing there shortly after the tattoo ban was lifted. He wanted to tattoo badly  and was already an accomplished artist on paper. We had become friends with him and Dale agreed to an apprenticeship and BarrelRider embraced the challenge and is now, through his own hard work, an amazing tattoo artist. He often finds odd or old artwork and posts them with really savvy quotes. He couples this with a photo journal of his daily tattoos. A great guy, a great artist and great blog.

The Good Greatsby: Although this guy doesn’t really need my nomination because I think his blog speaks very well for his versatility, he’s getting the damned thing anyways. I enjoy his blog, it’s funny and he talks about everything. No subject is sacred. A HUGE plus for me.

and finally….

Wes Lang: An artist that has one of the best philosophies in life  and it’s simple to its core. His paintings mesmerize me and I just like them, no deep explanation needed. I would love to one day buy one but alas my purse is too small right now, until then I will enjoy the blog.

So there you have it. Hope you check out the blogs, they are worth the time.

Children, T-Shirts and Texas Lake Diving.

My son pulled a muscle. How does a three year old pull a muscle. I don’t know. But ours has. He was fairly whiney about yesterday and now he has become very angry and demanding, very demanding even for a toddler. We have been taking it easy watching movies and relaxing. As my cousin so correctly put it, “The only thing worse than a child running around and driving you nuts all day is a child who normally does so and is no longer able to.” So very true.

Today I am thankful for a three old who can run around and drive me nuts, because this whole laying on the couch thing, really isn’t working for Odin. He needs to run and jump, I can see it vibrating in his body, he’s mentally ready, just not physically. Hopefully by tomorrow he will be closer to full speed.

Now I need to give you TWO MORE FASCINATING FACTS ABOUT ME as the blog award insists, lets hope I have two more( the first two are in my previous blog here)!

3. I alter every t-shirt I have. I find that they do not fit the way I like if I don’t.I have done some more extreme altering and made the look like some sort of art project gone wrong, but mostly I just bring them in to fit the curve of my body better. Is this fascinating? Well……

4. Once, in the winter, when I was young, I jumped into a very cold lake in Texas with some friends of mine. I immediatly became discombobulated and wasn’t sure which way was up. This sucked, luckily I found the top.  The dumb things we do as teens. Luckily as I have grown, I have kept my spirit of adventure but I have learned to think through the things I do first.

Okay so in the next blog I will post the last three “about me’s” and possibly go ahead and share my picks for Most Versatile Blogger.

Taking a Break From Being so Damned Thankful..

So as I stated in a previous (perhaps THE previous) blog, I received a blog award. It came to me on a bad day but it instantly made all the bad crap melt away for the moment and when the bad crap tried to sneak back in, I would smile because I, I, had a blog award.

The award.

Now ‘versatile’ could be a nicer way of saying “bullshit”, after all if you can’t win them with brilliance, baffle em with bullshit, right?  I joke, perhaps not good, but I joke.

After receiving the award I went and looked through my blog, I seriously have no theme so I guess I have to be flexible in what I write about. Hopefully this keeps folks interested and coming back.

So before I move on to the next part of all this I want to thank God, My parents, my parents neighbors, the cow I ate for dinner, the corn diet that was fed to that cow, the wine I drink, the kids who keep me on my toes, the man who is bearded who calls himself my husband and razors, without them I would be one hairy lady.  In all seriousness I owe thanks to my lady, Thypolar, who passed on this award. She is a faithful reader and damn good blogger herself. And anyone who thinks blogging is for bored housewives should read her blog because that just isn’t the case.

Okay so the next step is for me to reveal 7 things about myself that you may not know. I will start with 2 and in the next few post I’ll get around to the rest and finally I will pass on my award to some other boogers, I mean bloggers.


1. I wish my voice sounded like Kathleen Turners. I am in love with gravely voices, in men and women. But man, I would kill for hers. I keep drinking whiskey hoping one day my voice will get there and hopefully my liver won’t give out first. That would be tragic.

2. I draw these weird lady creatures squirting breast milk into coffee cups. I call them “Latte Ladies’. One day I may start posting them here but for now the only ones floating around are hanging in my parents house, a friend’s house and on a friends leg.

Okay so two down five to go.

Your Welcome.

Behind and catching up.

Today I ran out of coffee. I know, I don’t know how it happened and I am so ashamed. Luckily, I happened to have some Lapsang Souchong lying around from when my mom brought over tea. Lapsang Souchong is a smokey black tea, though now that I say that, it could be a roobis tea. Either way it is delicious and is hitting the spot. So This morning I am thankful for tea and the hands that brought it to me, my mom.

I am a bit behind on the thankfulness train. It’s not that it has been terribly busy, but at the same time I also feel like I haven’t had the time to sit down. So I think I owe two more thanks and who know maybe I will throw in a another for the hell of it.

Last night myself and my children along with my cousin and her kids went over to my Aunt Teresa’s (my cuz’s mom) and met her and my mom for food and wine. The kids played and we ate and drank for several hours. It was a lot of fun. It’s been a long time since all of us have been in the same spot so it was very nice and to have the time together. Growing up my cousin and I were as close as sisters. We have remained close. Of course now we are both married and we both have 2 kids and hopefully our conversation is more mature (though that might be debatable). It has been a bit of a tradition since we were kids for the four of us (moms and daughters) to get together and do stuff when we could and though it had been many years, that tradition was carried on again last night. So, I am thankful for the ladies involved in this group, my mom, my Aunt Teresa and my Cousin Crystal. I hope for may more years of this.

Okay One to go.

The other day a friend of mine traveled an hour to do my daughter’s hair, which was really awesome. Hattie is now sporting black and pink. She loves it and I am so happy she was able to get it done. Growing up restraints on music and clothing and hair were never put on me and it was possibly one of the greatest gifts my folks could have passed on. I just feel that there are far more important things to put your foot down on, hair shouldn’t be one of them.

The Lady Hattie-Belle

And last not least, I received a blog award! So I am very thankful for that because that means you like me, you really like me! I will blog about this in my next blog. It truly helped to turn a mad day of not so great things, into a better and beautiful day.