The Journey

I’m not as centered as I seem.
And I’m not who I’ve been.
Somewhere deep there is a girl,
Trying to reinvent her world.

Tomorrow is a new day
And every step seems out of the way.
But forward I’ll go beyond my sight
Looking for the path that is right.

I do not hope, for hope begs,
I’ll stand with faith on my last leg.
The future unknowing, I’ll leap quite blind.
Beyond the sadness that is mine.

So the day next, when I wake
I’ll disregard what’s at stake,
I’ll fly off this cliff with such delight
Embracing my search for what’s right.

Into the darkness I’ll search through,
Your hand with mine, and mine with you.
Together we’ll tackle a foreign land,
With thoughtful reverence for times hand.


2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Absolutely love this. Know you are searching and wish I had all the answers and of course no one on this earth does and sometimes we must leap the leap without the answers and walk on the wire of faith remembering it is not blind but has an object.

  2. Love this…. and I know you have within you a foundation that will bring you to the truth of who you are to become. How do I know this? Perhaps because of what I saw in you as a little child, with wisdom that only the Lord could have given you at that age. I’m thinking of a note to Daddy (Billy L. Seibert) He treasured it and had it in his Bible. It was written April 9, 1994, Hojo Inn – Preparing to leave for New Orleans:

    “I know it’s hard to be yourself, when you don’t know what to do:
    Chin up and don’t you worry, cause love will bring us through.
    All those critics and all those people who say we’re confused by the world, don’t listen to them, Let them sit in the pews and sing Jesus is our Lord…When we ourselves are stretching our backs to see that people are saved.
    We’ve seen them talk of people and things, we’ve seen them count their dollar bills and prance around in their purse.
    We may not have those things…but still…we have something .. a family threshhold that will hold together through all things.
    Be not conformed to the World. Maggie Seibert”

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