New Parenting Technique : Make the kids angry, get peace and quiet.

My children are angry with me. Both are holed up in their rooms with grumpy faces hurling insults at me quietly in their minds. But the house, the house my dear ones, is quiet. Like super quiet, so noisless I can hear the light hum of the fridge and my dog breathing from the other room. I can’t decide if this is a good ‘thing’ or an all new amazing parenting technique.

It started with me on the phone. If you are a parent, you know that this alone, sends out a signal to the kids that now would be the best time to ask any and all questions that aren’t based in reality or even concern today in way shape or form. Yes, picking up the phone and dialing some one is the moment the children want to know what’s for breakfast tomorrow morning, never mind it’s only 8 a.m. today. It’s the moment they NEED to know why the cat is attacking the dog. It is imperative that they know what time it is, though they can certainly read it them selves on the clock, on the wall, IN THIER ROOM. But I digress…..

I was on the phone and Odin asked me every question, followed me around as I paced, and then I finally told him that he needed to go play in his room until I was finished on the phone, 3 times I said this. Then he started trying to sneak by me. He was successful. He bugged his sister she yelled at him and called him a dummy. So, now she’s in trouble for not treating him better and he’s in trouble for not listening. They have lost t.v. and music and all things technological. This is a disaster in their minds. As a parent you have to know the weak spots in the fence and then strike!

And now here I sit listening to…..nothing! It’s so sweet. Is this a new technique I should name? Shall we call it the Angry Method? If I wrote a book, what would the title be? How to raise angry kids and find peace and calm? 

Sigh…..Sadly and yes, happily this will pass. No one likes their kids being angry at them and it’s no way to spend the day together…..But you may as well reap the benefits baby! Because in 20 minutes, the chatter will be back….and it might look like this.Image

(My Day has looked like this picture of my then, 1 and a half year old son. Welcome to my, cute, chaos.)


One thought on “New Parenting Technique : Make the kids angry, get peace and quiet.

  1. That pic is awesome! The minute I want my kids attention I pretend I am on the phone. Works every time. Also, when I need some space I give my youngest a really big hug and tell him that he will never escape and he will have to just go with me everywhere I go. He immediately runs like hell when moments before he was following me around so close he was almost up my butt.

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