“Some days are like that, Even in Australia”

Is it whiskey time yet? I certainly feel it creeping up. 

Some days are easier to center than others. I tried all day long to re-focus my thoughts and energy. I looked closely at all the areas I was wasting my thoughts on and pulled at them to reel them back in so that the power could be put to use in a better, more positive way. 

I did Yoga, I downward faced that dog right in the face. I crescent mooned those problems in the face. I inhaled good air and exhaled all the bad shit fumbling around in my little brain. 

Lying there in my relaxation pose, I tried very hard not to think negatively, and then to my horror, I had returned to that most unpleasant part of my brain without even realizing it. So thus went Yoga, or rather thus didn’t go Yoga, since I failed in relaxing and re-centering my being.

“Some days are like that. Even in Australia.” So goes one of my favorite quotes ever in children’s literature. Alexander’s Horrible,Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. My mom read it to me, I have read it to my children. If you haven’t read it, go to your Library. It’s worth the trip just for the one book. It’s worth it twenty times over, in fact. The book is such a great testament of how life rarely goes the way you want it and then all the small details that shouldn’t bother you on a normal day, suddenly seem like Mount Everest. And if you just had this or did that, life would be better. Then, very simply at the end, it tells us, “hey baby, that’s life everywhere and it’s ok”. 

Little things about me,  I love picking up and going. I love seeing different things. I love no commitments and flying by the seat of my pants.  I love travel. All these things involve change. You would think I am accustomed to change and embrace it. Yet, i do not. Not when I have a firm plan in my head on how things are supposed to go and the script gets flipped without my control. I have a hard time adjusting to the sudden shift. It’s entirely, selfishly motivated. i don’t get my way so I’m pissed. Today was no different. The difference being, it wasn’t a big change that happened. The day started out great, my mind was clear and focused and then , it all started chipping away. Nothing crazy big, but my mood soured and everything seemed way bigger than it really was. Then I got pissed, pissed because I couldn’t seem to shake the funk. And so began my climb to a higher self, a more at peace lady, a something that sounds majestic and awesome..insert here.

I try to re-focus my life when my thoughts and feelings are jumbled up and the small things are making me weak. I try to remember it’s nothing compared to what others are going through. In a short time, a friends brother was shot and is now in a wheel chair, but he isn’t complaing, he’s champing it out. Another friend and family member has breast cancer and she is one of the strongest women, her approach and forward motion amazes me. Meanwhile, I am having a bad day? Yeah, I suck.

So, I try to put things in perspective. Life happens. Sometimes bad moods strike like a magical Jedi, and they seem to come from nowhere. I have numbered days on this planet, why let something trivial spoil even one of those days? Bad days are going to be there off and on but it’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I always try to remember what Alexander’s mom said in that children’s book, “Some Day are like that, even in Australia.”  Those, my friend, are words to live by.


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