Friends, Fun Times and Other Shtuff.

Through the years with our good friend, fellow Tattoo artist and business partner, Ed Young we have unofficially started and continued a tradition of tattooing each other ( I should mention that this is a group of proffesional tattoo artists, that own our own tattoo shop). With the doors shut, music on, beers popped open and curses echoing against the walls of an empty shop, we laugh and joke, tattooing little trinkets to mark the fun in our life. There are never any real “deep” meanings attached to them, other than they mark a time in our lives. When I look at them, I can almost smell the scents , taste the brand of beer and remember everything that was going on in my life at that point, the good and the bad.

These little unplanned traditions have become very near and dear to me. I always smile when I go through the pictures, noting how we have all aged and changed throught the years. Yet, we have managed to remain friends, no matter how far we have been located from one another and how different we are from one another.   

In this group are other good freinds who are spread as far away as Denver and Austin and some right here in Illinois. I am extremely thankful to have all of them, we aren’t all “tell all best buds” but we have a genuine love and respect for one another. I have found  as I have aged, that friends are few and far between, the ones you make in your adult life, if they are true people, are worth hanging on to. 


My friend Ed tattooing our friend, the Lady Kendra. She deserves that name too,


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