The Silver Lining to Medical Mayhem.

Finding the silver lining of a labeled “bad” thing, can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Honestly, when bad things happen or even just slightly uncomfortable things, I try to look past it. Every day is a new challenge and there’s always something worse or someone in a situation whose troubles far outnumber my own.

This week it was a boy with cancer. My daughter has severe scoliosis and we are in the process of prepping her for surgery (no date as of yet). It is due to the Shriners Children’s Hospital that we are able to get through all this with very little financial strain. They are amazing. They set us up at The Ronald McDonald House so that we wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel room in Chicago. May I never say a bad thing about McDonald’s as long as I live. They were amazing. They gave my daughter a care package and let her pick out any toy she wanted. They wanted to be sure they helped us in any way possible. When I say they were amazing, I mean it, a Hilton hotel couldn’t have done any better. This brings me to the boy with cancer.

The first night we stayed at McD’s House, we went down to a home cooked dinner  (which was delicious by the way) and grabbed our food and sat down to eat. I looked over and there was this 6 year old boy who obviously had cancer . He was the most spirited young guy I have ever seen. He and his mom joked back and forth and he played and talked about toy cars.

I remember wondering what the mom was thinking, how often she  thought about what could happen to her little man. My daughter has scoliosis, she has two curves and they are putting enough pressure on her lungs and other areas of her body that she has pain and discomfort and because of this, she is being scheduled for an MRI and then, surgery. I worry. I think about it too long and it makes me cry. And the worst part isn’t the “disease”. It’s the fact that I can’t do anything to make her feel any better about the situation. I have no control over it. And it’s this thought and fact that makes me wonder what the hardest part is for the mom of the boy with cancer. In all actuality my daughter will have this surgery and be fine most of her life afterwards. The boy has to struggle and fight and it’s on the edge of a pin wether he recovers or not.

This week showed me how much worse things could be. How amazingly blessed or lucky I am to have the Shriners, the people at Ronald McDonald House and the support of good friends and family. As I type I have a friend who is preparing a care package for my daughter to help take her mind off of everything. I have a mom who was willing to drive 4 hours to Chicago after working all day, just so she could support me and Hattie. I have a husband to works his ass of and who loves his daughter like no other. I have two brothers and sister – in – laws who have checked in just to make sure they couldn’t help in any way. I have a friend clear in South Dakota who offered her help clear from there. I have a Grandmother who has called her prayer chain. I have two very amazing business partners and friends who have offered their home to us after her surgery as a place that will be easier for Hattie to get around in. They have offered to come pick us up in chicago as well. I have a friend and cousin who has watched my little boy so much this past month that she probably feels like she had another child but just can’t remember it. She has never said no. THAT is amazing. I also have bosses who let me off work whenever I need, no questions asked and they give me more hours if I want to make up the money lost.

I am lucky and blessed.

And if I can make the latter my focus, these next few months should be easier. I really am lucky, my daughter will come out okay, she will have challenges at first but we are lucky. I don’t want to lose sight of that.


5 thoughts on “The Silver Lining to Medical Mayhem.

  1. You are so amazing. You will be such an amazing source of comfort and strength for your daughter and she will get through this. This post is well written and a beautiful reminder of how precious life is and how lucky we all are.

  2. I agree! You are so very blessed and Hattie will be added to my prayers list. The Shriners are an amazing group of men, they helped my mom save my life as an infant when I needed an emergency surgery and I donate to them every chance I get. Sounds like Hattie has an amazing group of people around her and the support you and Dale are receiving is wonderful. Lots of love being sent from the Bowser household to you guys. Let us know if there’s anything we can do from Vermont.

  3. Maggie,
    You and hattie are amazing!! I’ll be praying!! So wish we lived closer so that I could help. I don’t know if your mom has filled you in on whats going on with my health and I don’t want to go into it on here, but its been a difficult time and only seems to get more difficult. But after reading what you wrote I am inspired and am awed by your spirit! We love you all and will be praying! God Bless!!

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