A few regular things about myself.

I turn 32 tomorrow. It seems every year around my birthday I try reeeeeally hard to to think of things I am learning or have learned in the last year. And usually the list is about the same every year ; be patient, work hard, don’t trust everything or everyone that seems legit and learning to let go of hurt, anger and discontent.

The list hasn’t changed much this year. So, since I haven’t posted in a coon’s age, I think instead of boring you with a list of “What I have learned so far”, I will instead list some quirky (or not so) things about myself.

Numero Uno: I am wearing bright green jeans. I am not normally a colored pants or shirts kind of gal. I find that it is truly too loud for me. I like black and grey and most of my clothes are indeed these hues. But while walking through J.C. Penny, I saw these things glowing like emeralds on the rack. They were eight bucks. Well worth the gamble. They have become my favorite pair of pants. So hurrah for me trying something a bit outside my comfort zone. Granted, it wasn’t sky diving or something of that extreme, but to us who wear very dark and muted colors most of the time, donning green pants is quite the stretch.

Okay so that wasn’t really quirky, rather a fact.

Number two: I love to write, which we all know. I have missed it so much but with our schedule lately I haven’t had the time. We have been burning the candles at both ends you might say. My husband, myself and 2 of our very close friends are inheriting a tattoo shop. For those of who do not know, my husband has been a tattooer for 12 successful years. Anyways, we are in the process of moving it and remodeling the new location. On top of that we are all working regular jobs, my husband and partner number 1 tattooing, Partner number 2 at her job and then myself, baking. So between all the work, remodeling, schooling and regular life, writing has sadly fallen by the way side. I miss it.

Again that wasn’t quirky. Perhaps I should have said I was going to list a few regular things about myself.

Regular stuff number 3: I have taken up running. In the past year I have found a real love of it. I am at the moment a victim of falling off the bandwagon and being somewhat lazy, but Monday starts the return to health; less booze, no smokes and more movement.

So there are a few not-so quirky things about me. I am excited about this next year and though the schedule has been crazy hectic and emotionally tiring, I feel very happy at the end of the day laying down tired, knowing that the sleepiness was all well earned.


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