You Dumbass!

Once again I have neglected my blog but it’s all for mostly good reason which shall be revealed in good time. NO I have not become instantly famous because then you would have heard of me by now.  And my newest venture has nothing to do with writing either. Loose lips sink ships so that’s all on the subject.


On another note:

I have decided it is bad for my health to keep up with news, as it is, I barely do. Yahoo! is my source for news and NPR the mornings I work at the bakery. Last night I read a a story about a mom who locked her 10 year old in a closet, the little girl was 30-some-odd pounds and without saying seriously malnutritioned. Now of course mama was arrested but she was slapped on the wrist with 3 felony charges. What?!

I am pretty much and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth kind of gal when it comes to extreme cruelty. I have turned my cheek plenty of times and yes it can be profitable to your character BUT when it comes to children, I have no mercy. They should have slapped that bitch with an attempted murder charge in first degree. When you lock a child up like that and starve her for years, what in the hell do you think is going to happen?!

So that story got my blood boiling and then we watched the show Tabboo, which I normally love but after reading that news story, my heart was feeling less generous. The was a story about a 35ish man whose fetish includes dressing as a baby, sitting and eating in a gigantic highchair and sleeping in a crib. Dumbass!!!! I just couldn’t take it. I posted on my facebook that the more I watch T.V. or read the news the more I am convinced that there are a large amount of people taking up valuable airspace for the rest of us.

I am feeling much more graceful this morning but I wouldn’t count on my good mercies if you’re a dumbass.

To all my lovelies out there, Hope your day is pleasant and beware of the idiots and dumbasses out there, they seem to breed constantly and one day I fear they may take over the world.



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