My lady Marina can hot that shit outta the park. Wednesday’s blog is a perfect example. Take a peek.

Marina Sleeps's Blog

I hate when people compare the kids in our nation to others kids in other countries. That is just messed up y’all.

So what if China is smarter than us… so what?? USA is still top dawg!!

Wow… I think that sentence alone just demonstrated our ultimate doom.

If that didn’t… this will for sure will.

Ok so technically this is incorrect. Technically. Yet, I would reckon that  STDs do make a person sad.

I don’t know about any of you guys but this kid right here has a strong personality. If you didn’t know, that is something very valuable in our line of politics. I can just see this kid becoming a senator… then having an affair, lying about it, then being acquitted of using funds inappropriately to take care of his mistress and love child.

When in doubt …. I don’t know… fucking guess!

Could the sudden decline…

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