Music I am Listening To Tonight



RIP Ralph Stanely-Best voice  ever.


Always wanted to choreograph a dance to this,may still. It’s been years since I have done any classical Ballet. Sometimes I miss it, especially when i stumble upon songs such as this.


For my sister Kelli, who loves this song as much as I do.



Gillian Welch is a big inspiration fro me musically.


Bill Malone is by far my favorite man ever (aside from my hubby). He is an amazing lyricist and musician and he inspires me musically  andin written word. “Sometimes you can’t please everyone,sometimes you can’t please anyone at all.”


Over the rhine, one of my first influences for soulful voices.


And another

One of my earliest memories of music.



2 thoughts on “Music I am Listening To Tonight

  1. Thanks for directed my awareness to a couple of new bands and songs I didn’t know. I am always on the look for new music. Most of the pieces here I already knew, but for instance not Crashdogs. Fun!

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