A regular boring post about regular boring stuff.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, “How exciting! What a catchy title! I bet this is going to be an amazing post!”. Let me start by saying, Simmer down. Whoa, one at a time please.

Regular life is real life and today my real life consisted of a bum hip and a bad knee. Which stinks sweaty socks and jock straps. I have never had many problems with my knees but my hips have given me problems for years, starting around 16. You could say my hips are the Rice Krispies of body parts. About 6 years ago I went to a Nurse Practitioner and found out I indeed had arthritis in my hips. Oh Joy.

It’s not that bad really but it’s frustrating on days when you hurt your hip at work and now it’s just being a bum and paying no rent while you chase you crazy toddler about. Ah-well, life’s too short and the day’s to precious to focus on it.

And really that’s all I have tonight folks. Now, don’t nominate me for some crazy awesome blogger award. I mean, I know my work is amazing and all, but I’ll take the humble high road.

But I do accept dark chocolate.


3 thoughts on “A regular boring post about regular boring stuff.

  1. Bummer about the hip and the knee. I hope you feel better soon! I have a pretty decent dark chocolate stash…I’m just saying.

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