Happy Birthday to Hattie, Our First Guinea Pig

My daughter will be 11 on Sunday at precisely 10:56 a.m. How I am able to remember the exact time of her birth, I am not sure. Especially since if asked about Odin’s time of birth, I would mutter, “Sometime after 1?”

I remember going into labor. I had none of the early signs like braxton hics or any of that. I wasn’t dlialated but about a centimeter. I woke up around 11 at night feeling crampish. I realized I was having mild contractions so I timed them. Once I was sure I was in labor (around 12:30) I woke up Dale and in his most supportive voice he said,”This better be the real thing!” Yeah I felt the love. So I proceeded to call my folks who had agreed to take us to the hospital( we had no car at the time). My folks answered, I gave them the news and heard my dad say in the background “I hope this is the real thing!”. Love was radiating everywhere.

So we filed into my parents car and after getting lost a little bit trying to find the emergency room, we finally arrived at the hospital. Now perhaps naively, I assume if you pushed your way through college to become a nurse, you are relatively smart. So imagine my surprise and anger when as I was being wheeled onto an elevator by the Emergency Room nurse and he asks me, “What seems to be the problem?” I wanted answer in my best hic accent ” I got me a real bad belly ache” but I was obviously pregnant and in labor (well obvious to most, except for tweedle-dumb our nurse) and thus couldn’t speak very well.

After a couple hours they finally agreed I was in labor and just before 11 am my daughter was born.

I don’t remember much about the process, they gave me these ‘cocktails” which kept me in a lulled state. I do remember begging Dale not to go pee because I didn’t want him to go anywhere and I also remember briefly yelling at my mom. During the ‘push’ phase, I remember seeing dale give me the thumbs up but then seeing my mom and Dales mom huddled together in a corner with looks of pain and worry on their face. This confused me, I was numb from the waist down and so I couldn’t decide if I should be relieved by the look on my husbands face or worried, judging by my two mothers.

All of that to say, Hattie has grown into a beautiful girl, in and out. She has a ‘go get em’ spirit and isn’t afraid of talking to anyone…at all….ever. We bump heads for sure, mainly because she is so like I was at that age but she has both mine and my husbands stubbornness, which frightens me a bit.

She is inquisitive and very observant of the natural world and of people. No question is off limits with her. She is extremely creative with everything she does, sometimes too creative as it will pull her away from her studies but all in all it serves her well now and I am sure it will continue to serve her well in the future.

Being the guinea pig child, so far she is turning out remarkably well. I don’t think we have ruined her too much. Oh, I’m sure she will go through a “Screw mom and dad” phase and I am sure when she is in her twenty’s she will find everything we did wrong but I am glad that she will have the mind to be able to analyze things and not just go with it because she should or is supposed to. I hope I am raising a free thinker, even if at times it doesn’t gel with my way of thinking or doing things. She has been a blessing and I am glad she was born. Happy Birthday Ayin Hattie-Belle Wren!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Hattie, Our First Guinea Pig

  1. Aww Happy Birthday Hattie! 🙂 Our kids have birthdays close together. Will’s was earlier this week. I always forget the exact time when my kids were born. I just remember things like -evening after laboring forever, after I finally convinced them I was in labor, and after a morning OB appt. That’s “when” my 3 were born. LOL

    And men, well aren’t they always so emotionally comforting….ehhh, yeah. LOL

  2. Happy Birthday Hattie! Auntie loves you so much!

    I got a bit of a chuckle reading the responses you got while you were in labor. I seriously think laser beams might have shot out of my eyes if someone had said that to me. Granted, I did have my exorcist moment…lol!

    Hattie is an amazing girl. I love her spirit and her imagination and her sweet and sensitive soul. She’s just plain awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday Hattie! Although my labor and delivery of my first born was quite memorable, no one bothered to look at the clock to see what time it was when he decided to pop out 🙂 About ten minutes had passed and we decided on 10:15 pm as his time of birth!

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