“And Gosh Darnit! People Like Me!”

I have a pet peeve. I am overwhelmed and frankly, quite sickened by the amount of sel help-like bullshit I see posted on Facebook, Pinterest and probably Twitter, though I don’t tweet. Everyday I read something sappy like “Look at yourself in the mirror. Love yourself for who you are. Find beauty in your smile.” or “Remember, everyone makes mistakes, give yourself a hug and don’t forget tomorrow is a new day”. ( I made these up, yeah, I could probably write Hallmark cards)

I know this may seem cynical and hell, it probably is. I just think with all this self loathing and self dislike and petty comparisons to models and stars or whatever we are trying to measure ourself against, instead of grabbing ourselves and getting over it , we find a weird peace and sick love in this bashing of ourselves and therefore love to read these Richard Smiley like quotes and feel all warm and fuzzy about all the mistakes we’re making instead of correcting the problem and learning from it. Was that a run-on sentence? Yes. Do I care? Not really. Remember this is MY blog.

And yes this a tantrum of sorts. When did changing because we want it become so hard. Since when did we need all this self affirmation to carry us through the day?? Just do it! Yeah it’s hard and yeah, its’ rough and yeah you’re a child of god and yada yada yada but at the end of the day does the quote really bring you fulfillment or is it your hard work? It’s like they say and what I tell my daughter all the time (she probably hates hearing it), there is no substitute for hard work.

For those who think I am judgemental and think that I have all my shit together, guess what, I don’t. I question myself and once upon a time thought I was fat when I was 120 pounds but ya know what, all the self-help quotes in the world didn’t get me through it, I had to tell myself no and move forward. Simple as that, well not simple but that’s what had to be done. I still have to tell myself no everyday when I am tempted to fall back into bad habits. For me the self-help quotes, are just an excuse to make me FEEL better about things so that I can sleep peacefully feeling well about who I am and then wake up and repeat the same damn pattern.

Maybe this isn’t your experience. If so, great!

I hate to think of people wasting their time writing this stuff for no good reason and no positive outcome.

I think people should switch to music for self help and motivation, at least then they can listen, feel good AND get things done at the same time, thus getting closer to their goal.

I suggest this song.


8 thoughts on ““And Gosh Darnit! People Like Me!”

  1. girl, i hear you. all this ‘i’m fine just the way i am’ is great if we’re talking about a kid being bullied at school or something, but we grown folks like to use it as a crutch to remain wallowing in our stagnant filth.

  2. I agree with you. I read that shit all the time and it makes me puke. I hate it when family members do it to make themselves look good in front of all of their friends, when I know what’s actually going on in their homes. Its hard to keep my mouth shut sometimes. I don’t like fake people and people to pretend to be something they aren’t.

    The people who are truly happy don’t need to pretend to be on social media forums!

  3. I get you. Some of it comes across as overly syrupy sweet. I kind of picture Dolores Umbridge when I hear some of these quotes. And that awful giggle at the end. Or perhaps I’ve just seen the Harry Potter movies way too many times!

  4. This post reminds me of other facebook posts that I despise. Share if you “love your husband”, “are the proud mom of boys”, “want to end world hunger”, “love God”, etc…So in any given day these posts that I don’t share imply that I hate my husband, do not love my kids, want children the world over to starve, hate God, etc….yada yada yada.

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