Whiskey ( Part one of Whisky, The 8 Month Itch and The End of The World)

I have poured myself a sizable glass of strong drink. Whiskey has always been a favorite of mine and this week I bought myself a bottle to sip on while my husband traveled to Denver to visit some really great people and great friends. He comes home tomorrow and I am quite happy about it.

It’s strange, there are days when I would give anything to have a full night and day without kids and my husband. Sometimes we need quiet with ourselves. Well this past week I had that chance.

Tuesday I had to work early in the morning (I bake) and with my husband out-of-town, the incredible duty of minding my children fell to my indestructible and very tolerant cousin and friend of 31 years, Crystal. We agreed that I would drop them the night before and pick them up after I worked. Dinner time came and I dropped them off (but not before eating some incredible chili made by my cousin). I came home. I took out Edgrrr, wandered through the house and found myself having conversations with my him and my cat, Maphesto. All I could think about was bed. I had sinuses rockin on top of a cold. For my comfort I also had a movie and whiskey tea calling my name. But not before I used the Neti pot.

Wow, do I know how to party. Don’t be jealous that your time alone isn’t as awesome as mine. Don’t be a hater.

I have become so accustomed to the pitter patter of my son, the loud crazy laughter of my daughter and the quiet mumblings of my husband that without them I somehow feel lost. What DID I do before them???

Silly to some but even when my daughter threatened to be defiant, I was still glad to have them in my house again. As far as my sexy man is concerned, well we pick him up tomorrow.

And I can’t wait.



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