Yearning and Second Linin’

Tonight I yearn to be in Nola. I do not pretend to wash away all the hard-times that this beautiful city can bring. But there is a place it touches inside me that no other place I have been has done. I find myself randomly through the day thinking about it. I know I can’t live there, just as I know I won’t ever touch heroin, but I do so love it ( new orleans, not heroin), especially now with Mardi Gras and this isthe saturday before Fat Tuesday and I am missing it.Having spent half of my life in that city, it is naturally a part of me. I have listened to many a song on youtube today that are old standards for Nola. ย Feel free to Second Line with me!



10 thoughts on “Yearning and Second Linin’

  1. Boy have you voiced my feelings sooooo much. I so miss the city. I think I could live there again but in a whole different capacity, but not sure dad could. Just dont know but I do know I miss Mardi Gras and King cake and parades and red beans and rice and jambalaya and gumbo and yes I will second line with you…

  2. Though I can only lay claim to having been a passer-through a couple of times, I must agree that there IS no place on earth like NOLA!!! How can one NOT be second linin’, after those brief breaths of NOLA during Mardi Gras.

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