This Phone Has Been Disconnected or Is No Longer in Service….

One great thing about blogging or writing in general, is the freedom to not get dressed. Some may read my blogs and picture me very together, when in actuality here I sit in yesterdays clothes (they were closest to the bed), unbrushed teeth, unkempt hair and circles under my eyes the size of Saturn’s rings.

How do you like me now?

Oh, yes.. Sexy I know.

Today I was thinking about this technological world we live in. I am always amazed whenever I see a new cell phone commercial, a new iPad or computer, etc. Having grown up in the 80’s where everything from movies to books to fashion was inspired by this  ‘space age’  or hyper ‘advanced’ computer technology, you would think I would not be shocked or overly amazed by any new cell phone that comes out. Truth is, I am and it makes me feel wildly out-dated.

I am more on the natural side of things. I believe in using natural medicines as much as possible, I would grow a tons of veggies and fruits if I had enough land, computers are here for me to write on and for networking and that’s it and my cell phone is a pay as you go that I don’t bother to add minutes to on a consistent basis. The latter is what really got my noggin rolling.

Since switching my cell from a contract to a pay as you go, and because I don’t bother to “feed the meter” on any one specific day a month, I have lost communication with some of my friends. Not that I blame them, after all why send a text if you aren’t sure the receiver is actually going to get it? On the other hand, I do have a home phone  but people have become so reliant on their cells for quick texting that to pick up the phone means a conversation and thus more time.

I am not damning the non-phone users or alternately text messages. I myself love to text and understand that sometimes you just don’t want to be on the phone, in fact I am not a phone talker with exception to my mom, my mom-in-law, my cousin and a select few friends. I have to wonder though, with all this texting in place of talking, if we aren’t losing our ability to relate to one another outside the phone or computer world?

Another element (and a little off subject but oh-well) for  most of the folks with FB or Twitter is dealing with people who joke in ways on the internet and in texting that they would never do in person. Does technology bring out an alter ego we are afraid to let loose on a normal day? Is it ‘safe’ to do so here in cyber world and not in real life? Are we breeding a bunch of pussy’s?

Whatever the case I am not sure I think it is healthy. I love texting and I love Facebook but I am careful not to post anything that I would have the balls to say in person. I think, it’s just easy to get lost in the convenience of it. I speak for myself here. There are some days and let’s be honest there are some people we love but simply do not want to be on the phone with. WE all have that person, that one you avoid if you can. They aren’t bad people, in fact they are your friends but you have to keep a bit of distance there and this is where texting and social networking sites can be your savior.

So am I for, against, undecided on texting and socializing via computer. Hell, I don’t know! But most likely, none of the above. Like everything, there is balance. And as long as you know where yours is, than do what you do. For me this means less Facebook (I get stuck, it’s like the black hole of hell), a little more phone action (yikes!) and yes lots of texting.

I picture the new cavemen (post apocalyptic people) after the big bomb or big Fill in the blank, rummaging through all the things that will be found. All the little computer parts, DVD’s, leftover VHS’s, cell phones and microwaves, the items that are no longer worth a dime because all the technology was lost. I picture the people trying to put together who the hell we were and coming to the realization and ‘fact’ that we were a supreme race of ….robots. And they, the new cavemen , are the first race of humans in thousands of years. History re-writes itself. I’m sure there is a great sci-fi book in there somewhere, too bad there too many holes in it.

Oh by the way…yeah…if you are trying to text me I’m out of minu……..beep beep beep beep, This phone has been disconnected and is no longer in service, please check the number and try again.





6 thoughts on “This Phone Has Been Disconnected or Is No Longer in Service….

  1. Yep tech is daunting and at 62 keeping up with the fast pace is nearly impossible. My brain seems to take a little longer to process info. Sometimes I long for the simple and non tech but would miss it I am sure. Lots to think about…

  2. That is the paradox of modern technology. It gives us infinite and easy ways to stay in touch with everybody, but as you say, at the same time it makes us lose our ability to relate to one another outside the phone or computer world. I believe in more personal contact, but I also recognize the value – and my need – of modern communication technology. It is indeed a tricky balance.

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