Alex, I’ll take the color grey for 200.

There’s a lot of gray areas in life. You encounter them daily and under any given circumstance. Gray is the color of choices. Sometimes, there is no right or wrong answer. Path A could lead you in one great direction and path B in another equally amazing direction. It’s not about wether Path A or B is right, but what you do with your choice once you have made up your mind.

Most of life I find to be an idiots walk, which is to say that I think most of life is like running through an obstacle course blindfolded. We can still hear, taste, feel and smell but we can not see what is before us. It is the unknown, the great mystery. I know there are many who believe that we all have one fate, or a will of God or something along those lines but I truly believe it’s what we do with the choices we make that makes the option good or bad. Some choices are more obvious than others, should I down a couple shots of whiskey before going to pick up my kids from the sitters? Hell No dumbass! That’s commonsense (or should be). Sometimes there is no obvious answer, you have to choose and make the best of what you decided on.

So what is my dilemma you ask? Because of course all this pondering has to do with some thing right? Well it does and the answer is simple….

Should I have Jambalaya or Dirty Rice tonight?

You thought this was something deep and serious didn’t you ?

And to all a good night.


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