Thank You to My Readers

“Coffee”, said the Zombie. Her demands grew louder and louder with each nearing limp-sliding step she took. “Coffee!”

This was me this morning. But as Monty Python once wrote, “I got better.”

I am up and feeling grateful for the continuous rising in numbers of folks who have subscribed and commented on my blog. Hell, even if you just liked it, it brings a smile to my face. So, I thank you for keeping with me on this writing adventure.

This was just a brief tidbit and probably does not even count as a blog, oh-well, my blog, my rules. Anyways, to my readers, may your day be amazing and prosperous and full of lovely surprises….the kind you can spend, eat or drink.


4 thoughts on “Thank You to My Readers

  1. That is exactly why I love you! Thanks for the smile 🙂 Hope you have a great day. I miss talking to you. We should become texting friends or something. That or you need to get yourself on twitter.

    Ok. I’m done bugging you. (For today!)

  2. I’m in the midst of getting my cell up and running ( we do pay as you go and I am always behind on re-upping my minutes, we do have a home phone too so I guess I feel my procrastination is ok:) ) But yes, once it is up and running< i will email ya the digits. Also I may, just may, get on twitter……….

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