Making a Mark…of some sort..maybe..

It’s hard getting your foot in the door of any industry you choose to pursue. And not just in the door, but your foot firmly and successfully wedged in the door so it can not be shut until you remove it.  So maybe I should have said, it’s easy to get your foot in the door but maybe not so easy to keep it there.

This is proved by many actors and musicians that once were somebody we admired and had huge posters of, but now we only refer to them as “Oh, what was his name? You know Jerry, that guy that was in that movie.” They and their names have become trivia questions included in board games. We can see these forgettable legends in our minds, their hair all feathered and their jean jacket acid washed and those tight leather pants….I grew up in the 80’s, so your picture may include a different era, we can see them but we can’t recall their names. They are the few. They are the proud. They are the “One Hit Wonders”.

We all want to leave our mark in life. Well, I do. With my love and passion for history and anything old and buried and nearly forgotten, I am reminded of how easily our names are buried. After all, there are civilizations that we know existed, however we know very little about them and what we do know comes from one mans journal at that time in the earths existence. This of course is an example, but it brings me to a very real human desire to be that guy who writes that journal that is the enlightenment of that civilization. Too many ‘that’s’?

Though I think this human desire can be the downfall of an otherwise good person, I also think it is a very natural response to our own realization of our impending death. Perhaps I am writing purely for and about my own self but, in all of my fascination with dead cultures, the one very real picture I get is the faces of those people who aren’t talked about, whose lives weren’t written down, or perhaps their message was washed away with war or complacency. I want to live beyond my years, I know my body will fail me eventually, hell I could get hit by a “10 ton bus” (The Smiths reference) tomorrow, I don’t know how long of a life I have. So for me part of my writing is driven by the thought of my own mortality and really wanting to make a difference and contribute to our life’s story while I still have breath and movement,  and while my fingers can still type.

Should I find success by worldly terms i.e, fame, money , cosmetic surgery….I hope that I will still be able to listen to the compass of my heart and mind and never compromise myself for things that are trivial or simply just not me. To become so focused on “making my mark”, could be a downfall and in the long run, perhaps counter productive. I guess I am comforted by the fact that I actually enjoy writing and I would do it no matter what. I know the percentages of people who are picked up by book companies and magazines are small when compared to the amount of people who send in their work and are rejected. I remain undeterred.

I will continue to write for my little blog in this corner of the world and keep writing and working on my other projects. And one day, who knows.

Did any of this make sense? Are these even my clothes? We can only wait and see….


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