“Where is she going?” “I don’t have a clue”- A blog with no real meaning…

Winter sucks. Plain and simple. We don’t get along and never have except for that short stint when I was a child and didn’t have to get out in it unless I wanted to play and then end my play time whenever i wanted because i didn’t have responsibilities or duties, just a cup of hot coco waiting for me inside.

Winter is an unwelcome season to me.

But that’s not what this blog is going to be on. As a matter of fact I have no clue what this blog is going to be on. I knew it had been several days since my last posting and I really do not like to go many days without posting, I’m trying to live up to my daily blogging promise I made about 8 months ago and failed to live up to.

I have been thinking a lot on career calling. Some people are born it seems, knowing what it is they want to do the rest of their lives. Others don’t care and would rather just live off of the scraps the government gives out. Then there are those who maybe knew at one point and then life happened and they lost their vision and perhaps one day they will reclaim it. Finally, there’s the people like me. Those who love lots of things and have a hard time committing to just one. The reason for not committing often vary and can be anywhere from fear of success or failure, fear that you might miss out on something else or perhaps you are just very free spirited and don’t believe in commitment. I don’t know. For me, I always go back to a line from Little Women. Jo March says to her future husband, “I should have been a great many things, Mr. Mayer.” Often times I look at all the subjects that catch my attention, the hobbies that literally line my bookcase and stack against my walls and linger in closets, and I think to myself, “Magdalene, you lady, need to choose.” And then another quote comes to me from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, “Choose, but choose wisely.” Ha!

In the end I love to write and it is something I will never cease to do wether I ever make payroll or not, it’s something that is in me.

Where was I going with this blog? No clue, train of thought totally derailed.  Ah-well that’s what happens when you don’t write for a few days. I have done nothing but eat since thanksgiving, you think I’m kidding you. I’m not. My pants are a bit tighter and i feel slothful, which is kind of nice for the moment, however it does not go very well with everyday life here in my household, so tomorrow it’s back on the treadmill and back to eating regular portions of food, not mammoth sized (damn!)……until X-mas…..

…..when I fully intend on pigging out.

Sleep tight folks and may you dream of cakes and breads……..


One thought on ““Where is she going?” “I don’t have a clue”- A blog with no real meaning…

  1. I always have had a difficult time putting myself into any one slot. I love life and everything about it. Too difficult to choose. I identify fully with you. At my age I still feel that way and not really sorry I did not just pick one thing…..I am a very rich person for all that life has shown me and given me…

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