Choose Your Destructor…and be thankful!

" Choose, choose your destructor!"


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and like in the movie Ghostbusters, we will have to choose what will eventually do us in. For me it is always a toss-up between desert and Dressing. My Mother-in-Law’s dressing is pretty hard to beat. She is like Paula Dean, only a thousand times better and she’s from Georgia and so Southern cooking is literally in her blood. Also being featured is her Giblet gravy….I know some of you squirm at that thought but, well,…. you are missing out.

Tonight as I sit at my computer writing and listening to Ghostbusters in the background play swooney music as Bankman and his lady-love embrace, I am pondering all of the things in my life that I have to be thankful for.

Sometimes as the day progresses I find myself complaining and grumpy, even my children avoid me.  At the end of the day I reflect on my day or on problems and I try to pick out all the good and focus on those. The things I can not fix or control, I throw to the sky and hope for the best. So I am thankful for the nights, as they make me reflective of my daily life and they play an active role in my progress as a human being.

My folks have been in town. We, over the past few years haven’t seen eye to eye and have argued a bit, even going for a time without speaking or communicating. Tonight, I am thankful for another chance to come together and talk and realize that some things aren’t worth the grudge. I am thankful that we can all let go and focus on the future, not forgetting the past but learning from it and moving past it with each passing day. I am thankful to share my table with my mom and dad tomorrow, it is a blessing to myself, my husband and my kids.

I can hear the TV coming from my daughter’s room where she and my son lay upon the bed watching ‘Clue’ the movie. My daughters strange personality and passion for the strange and hilarious makes me smile and laugh, sometimes out loud, when I think on it. My son’s smile can warm me no matter how angry or sad or frustrated I am. He goes, goes, goes all the time but it is a true blessing to me. We, if we allow ourselves, learn something different form each child we have. The lessons I have learned from my daughter have been personal life  lessons. I have seen myself through new eyes, and not in the most flattering either. It has made me stronger and more gentle as a mother. Hattie is strong and lively. Her spirit is unique and beautiful. Her style is all her own and I wouldn’t change a thing. …Odin has offered me smile since the day he came into my life. From a half way wanted and halfway unwanted pregnancy to a labor that was actually a wonderful experience, till now, he has brightened my day. He walks on rainbows and rides on unicorns as far as I am concerned. Even when he’s being a total ass, he’s still my little man. My children make life worth living some days, I am thankful for them as they are. No more, no less.

Already his sense of style is coming through....


My beautiful lady with Edgrrr, our pit and her faithful companion.


I am often discouraged and frustrated by the fact that I have many interests. I have invest a good bit in each one, though I have never picked a particular one to make my career. And though as I write I am still upset by this, I am also thankful because it keeps me curious. It keeps me looking for more passions, more things to know or learn. As my husband said, “If you can’t decide on one, do them all.” So I attempt that with as much patience as I can muster and without spreading myself to thin. Which all this brings me to my nest thankful thought…

My husband. Though at times I want to pull out all his hair , he has had more patience with me and my weird, hippy ways. He has encouraged and supported me in all my interests, even though he knows I could likely drop one over night. I am so thankful for him and his Job-like patience.

Finally, I am thankful for Mysteries. Yes mysteries, the unknown, sometimes in the form of a good story, sometimes in history and other times and most often, in our lives. We do not know what the future holds or whether we have tomorrow, let us try to live today to its fullest.

So for thanksgiving, I wish you all a full day of laughter and love, may you live the day to its fullest.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Choose Your Destructor…and be thankful!

  1. I choose the Cullens! heehee I love me some Odin and Hattie. Your children are a true joy in my life. I feel so blessed that I get to see them more now. I already have numerous “Odin’s antics” type stories that pop into my head and make me laugh at random times. And I love Hattie’s imagination – always have. I think she has helped to bring out Boo’s imagination more also. Now I have to smile when he comes up with elaborate plots for his pretend play – it makes me think of Hattie!

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