TV Time

Today I am thankful for T.V. Yes you heard right. I am thankful for the square box that “rots” my brain.

One of my favorite things to do is to put something on and work on my blog, write, draw, sew or sometimes it includes just curling up with my family and watching something together, in a way recreating the memory of watching TV specials with my family as a kid and passing it on to my own children.

 I think those who are against TV somehow have it in their minds that, we who love TV, do nothing but watch it and then we let our devil children watch it all day and they become uncontrollable hyperactive monsters that every teacher dreads. Not so. I am sure, in fact, I know there are those who do just this and I by no means think you should watch it all day, causing you to sit on your ass and do nothing. I am saying that I appreciate having the option to watch it.
 Oddly, for all the bad press it seems to get, TV brought my family together in the past and it has given us warm memories to last our lifetime. I do not let it rot my brain or the beautiful brains of my children.
For me, TV has actually enlightened me. I enjoy being able to watch documentaries on things I never knew about previously.
I love watching shows on cooking, as I myself am not a very good one, this helps my family out and gives them hope that one day, one day they may actually want seconds.
I love the travel channel for a chance peek into another culture that I may never have the chance to see. Being a writer, yes I love books but there are somethings that can not be translated by words or still pictures alone, this is where the travel channel succeeds. I can now see what the people of the Egypt, Liberia, Azerbaijan,Korea and Russia see. I can look at the temples of Tibet and wonder at the marvelous carvings that today, people still can not conceive of  how they were accomplished without the aid of modern-day tools.
I can taste, in a manner of speaking, the colors of the different spices in the various markets that are showcased for my knowledge, from all over the world.
I can watch Murder She Wrote and Frasier just because I want to. You always suspected I was a nerd, well, now you have some proof.

I am thankful for TV. Some may not get it but as Monty Python once said and I paraphrase, they can go boil their bottoms. Where I understand why some would be so bothered by it, I also think, once again, balance is the key.

In closing, to those about to watch TV, I salute you!


4 thoughts on “TV Time

  1. God I want tv so badly right now. The idea of being able to sit in front of the “Almighty box that rots the brain” and knit something at night just sounds lovely.. I’m hoping we are able to partake soon!

  2. Girl, I am thankful as hell for TV too. I just wish I had more free time to enjoy it 🙂 I am constantly having to catch up on things I’ve missed. But when I am too sick to go out or 13 is recovering at home, it’s a blessing!

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