Chicken Soup for the Soul and Other Sappy Titles.

I have no idea if the title I have given this blog will actually be a good description of what will be written here, only that as I was sipping my chicken broth because I have a sore throat and cold, suddenly the title “Chicken Soup For….(fill in the blank)” made me laugh. I know there is a HUGE MEGA ‘let me make you feel good’ series of these books. I am not a fan of feel good literature, yes, it’s nice when it does make me feel good but those kind of books ( I think) are sometimes are there to make a person feel like they are doing great and it pats them on the back and goo-goo’s and ga-ga’s at them when maybe, just maybe, what they need is a swift kick in the ass to get them moving.

Yeah, so if you are taking notes on what NOT to get me for Christmas, you can put Chicken soup of any and all souls at the top of that list.



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