After getting up this morning and realizing that according to the bad circulation in my feet, winter had officially arrived, I began to grumble. For me this means feet problems for the next 6 months. I am not excited but things could be worse.

It is hard to be thankful when a part of you or all of you does not want to cooperate with the rest of your body and with your will. My Grandma Seibert has told me many times how frustrating it is getting old. Your body often times will be sleeping but your mind is ready to see the world. Simple tasks become unbelievably difficult and people begin treating you like you have lost your mind. It’s hard to exclaim “Yay Life” when it hurts to stand up. What does Grandma do to try to stay positive?

She gets on the floor and plays with Skipper her dog, I mean eye level play. She teaches a bible study at her church. She gets up on days when the night before was long and sleepless and the receives me with excitement and jubilation. She keeps current in the lives of her kids and her grandchildren and many others. She writes in her blog. Her faith keeps her tired bad circulation feet going, and so does I believe the memory of her husband.

My father is a diabetic Vietnam vet who feels like shit on the daily. He has lost a leg and a few toes as of recent. He is having hearing problems and the VA can’t get him in for the MRI until December and he has already been waiting for a couple of months. ?He has mega sinus issues that keep him laying down a few days out of the week. How does he combat all of this?

He goes to the gym and works out. He finds himself in coffee shops talking to people. He reads any book that is set in a historical back drop. He spends tome with my mom. I think his belief in a higher power also spurs him on.

Now I am old by no means, being 31 is still a babe in many people’s eyes. I have some “old people” health issues like arthritis in my hips and poor blood circulation in my legs and feet but it has yet to bother me to the point that I stay in bed. I get up. My feet have chilblains and they hurt but I put my shoes on and go. There are days when everything seems dark and not worth the trip out of bed to even get coffee. Maybe its lack of inspiration artistically (big one for me sometimes), maybe it’s important life decisions, health or simply a bad mood. We all have our days. I have found if I can lay aside my foul mood and depression over whatever it is plaguing my mind, and just be thankful for all the awesome stuff in my life, like my kids, my animals, my art, my husband, my apartment, my family, my friends, the beautiful fall leaves or Count Chockula cereal , that I can put aside my  mood eventually as the day progresses.

Life is for living and if I’m not living it and I am always dwelling on the negative, what the hell am I doing? Taking up good air?

So today I am thankful for all those things, big and small, that help distract us and even heal us form all the negative issues in our life.


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