Taking a Break From Being so Damned Thankful..

So as I stated in a previous (perhaps THE previous) blog, I received a blog award. It came to me on a bad day but it instantly made all the bad crap melt away for the moment and when the bad crap tried to sneak back in, I would smile because I, I, had a blog award.

The award.

Now ‘versatile’ could be a nicer way of saying “bullshit”, after all if you can’t win them with brilliance, baffle em with bullshit, right?  I joke, perhaps not good, but I joke.

After receiving the award I went and looked through my blog, I seriously have no theme so I guess I have to be flexible in what I write about. Hopefully this keeps folks interested and coming back.

So before I move on to the next part of all this I want to thank God, My parents, my parents neighbors, the cow I ate for dinner, the corn diet that was fed to that cow, the wine I drink, the kids who keep me on my toes, the man who is bearded who calls himself my husband and razors, without them I would be one hairy lady.  In all seriousness I owe thanks to my lady, Thypolar, who passed on this award. She is a faithful reader and damn good blogger herself. And anyone who thinks blogging is for bored housewives should read her blog because that just isn’t the case.

Okay so the next step is for me to reveal 7 things about myself that you may not know. I will start with 2 and in the next few post I’ll get around to the rest and finally I will pass on my award to some other boogers, I mean bloggers.


1. I wish my voice sounded like Kathleen Turners. I am in love with gravely voices, in men and women. But man, I would kill for hers. I keep drinking whiskey hoping one day my voice will get there and hopefully my liver won’t give out first. That would be tragic.

2. I draw these weird lady creatures squirting breast milk into coffee cups. I call them “Latte Ladies’. One day I may start posting them here but for now the only ones floating around are hanging in my parents house, a friend’s house and on a friends leg.

Okay so two down five to go.

Your Welcome.


5 thoughts on “Taking a Break From Being so Damned Thankful..

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