November Thankfulness: Can Thankfulness be Angry?

Damn Skippy!

Today I am so unbelievably thankful that I am no longer with AT&T. For those of you who have followed me for the past year or more, well you know my troubles with their half assed attempt at being a phone company. Those of you just recently tuning in, suffice it to say, my experience with this company has led me to believe they wouldn’t know their head form a hole in the ground nor be able to find their butt with both hands.

In trying to keep this thankful and not a rant about the evils of AT&T I will be quick. I payed out of my contract in April, fully. However I received a collections notice wanting 129.81 cents from LAST OCTOBER, that I payed. Now somehow this mysterious money has shown up on an old internet bill from them and NOT on my cell phone bill, though it is clearly a cell phone charge, it even says it is. I called AT&T, they said according to their computers, cell phone wise, I am payed up but since it came on an internet bill I would have to call them which surprise! They are closed today, on Saturday,one of the few days people have off, you’d think they would want to make money but hey, apparently they are closed. Now I demanded from the collections agency proof of this debt and they sent me copies printed from the att website of my bills. Uh, thanks I already have these, and this is not validation. Next is to get in touch with my old bank and see if I can get print outs of transactions from this time period.

Soooooo, Today I am very thankful I am no longer with ATT. Now if they would just get their shit together…..

I'll let you decide what's been 'grayed' out. I know what i would insert there.


4 thoughts on “November Thankfulness: Can Thankfulness be Angry?

  1. I’m sorry for you, that sucks! I hate it when something that should have been fairly straight-forward turns into a big mess of hateful leg work. It seems like that is the story of my life sometimes. Phone calls I don’t want to make, work I shouldn’t have to do, all to correct someone else’s mistake. It annoys me to no end.

    • It’s the worst but I guess I can’t go around it, blah, I am going to try to put it on the back burner until Monday when I can actually do something with it. What is the Stoics believed? You can only control what in your realm of control, the rest is out of your hands. So until Monday, I’m going to exhale and just let it sit out of my thoughts. Angrily Thankful-Maggie 🙂

      • I’ve been trying really hard to put stuff like that on a to-do-list for the next week, that way it doesn’t ruin my weekend. (At least in theory.) It’s not guaranteed, but at least I don’t feel like I “have to remember to…..” if I know it’s on a list. Which seems to help me get it off my mind more often than when I don’t write it down.

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