November, the month with that holiday no one really cares about

But today I do.

My Blogworld friend over at DorkyDeb decide to list things she is thankful for through the month of November. After reading her blog I realized that as cliché as it can seem, we all can benefit from a little “thank-you”. After all, I made a paper tree with leaves that my children use to write things they are thankful for on, so why not do it myself?

So since I am behind by a couple of days I am going to post 3 things I am thankful for.

Here Goes.

1. As I was standing in the kitchen late last night cooking my husband and I a late dinner, I looked over at him and there he stood, cigar hanging out of his mouth, flipping bacon and it hit me how happy I was to have a man who enjoys the cooking process. Come Turkey day I will not be alone in the kitchen prepping dishes all by my lonesome. My husband will be there chopping, sauteing, basting, stuffing and cooking it all with me. Many times he takes the lead and for that I am super grateful. So my husband and his love of all things food is numero uno on my thankful list.

My man, at a crawfish boil a while back.

2. My dog. I am an animal person, a big one. I have always loved any animal. My poor mother is allergic to most animals and so as a kid I had only hamsters (which have terribly short little lives) and birds. All birds pretty much hate me, including the ones I owned, there must be some aura around me that tells them I am a cat person as well. Anyways I wander…Last night I was lying in bed and up came Edgrr, our year and a half old pit bull. In my opinion there is not a more loving, willing to please breed of animal out there. I am a pit bull advocate and really believe they have a bad rap. They are highly misunderstood just as in the past, German Shepherds and Dobermans have been. Anyways Edgrr, slowly lopped his way up on the bed and curled up into the tiniest ball and fell asleep. He is a fat lazy lap dog, well not fat but definitely lazy. He loves celery and collard greens, anything with leafy tops or leaves. He enjoys chewing on a bone and playing tug and sniffing out our cat Maphesto (Momo), who ignores him completely as cats so aptly do to most anyone and anything. He is a joy to have, even when he chews on Odin’s toys. So secondly, I am thankful for Edgrrr.


3. I know I have said it before but I will say it again, I am thankful for that strong, black velvety mixture known as coffee. I like it in all forms, with milk and sugar, as espresso or just black. I drink it plain with nothing added most. It is as much apart of my day as brushing my teeth or getting dressed. It wakes me up, pushes me through the morning and keeps me going into the afternoon and sometimes it is my nightcap. I love it. So Coffee, thank you!

And there you have it, my first three “thankfuls’.

FYI, I just found a piece of oatmeal between my toes that my son put there, for the record, I am not necessarily thankful for oatmeal between my toes.


7 thoughts on “November, the month with that holiday no one really cares about

  1. I have also jumped on the thankfulness bandwagon as I’ve been seeing the posts on fb. I will likely use that as opposed to attempting to do a blog entry for every day. But it is nice to stop and think of the good things.

  2. I love that you are doing it too! I look forward to reading your posts.
    I have a husband that cooks too. And love my doggies. I don’t share your fondness of coffee, but to each her own. LOL I’m with ya on the first two. 😉

  3. I just posted a few of my thanks as well and I love what Deb is doing (I usually do!). Thanksgiving is a holiday that has always meant a lot to my family but this year we are facing a few new challenges. I’ll be posting on that soon I hope!

    Great post girl 🙂

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