The Creative um…………uh……

I am going through a creative block. Which quite honestly sucks. Yesterday I spent hours sitting down going through blogs (finding some good ones too) and looking at sewing patterns. Then I pulled out my tool box full of sewing needle, old vintage buttons, stenciling supplies and random junk that can be used for various things. I layed them all out before me and looked at them. I stared them down. I flashed back to ideas I had found and tried to decide what i should do. Three hours later all I had accomplished was the sewing on of buttons onto my sons Halloween costume.

I hate these dry spells. I have been in one for a while (several years in fact) and though I have progressed and I continue to improve and get out of my funk, it always hurts to be brought back down and reminded of the cold damp dark that is the creative block.

Today I plan to get out a bit and take my kids to the library. We will part of the way to get some nice fall air in our lungs and hopefully help clear my mind so I can focus.

On the positive, the paper mache my daughter and I made are just about dry and ready for paint. I do have plans to make much larger sculptures out of paper mache but first I have to get the basics down.

So this blog was kind of pointless except to let you know I am feeling a bit creatively down.

It gets better though.


6 thoughts on “The Creative um…………uh……

  1. Those moments of time are frustrating. You sometimes sit there and think, “Why can’t I do this? This should be easy? Where is my good energy?” Sometimes all it takes a picture in a magazine or seeing something while you are out and about. 🙂

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