Happiness as a Feeling, Happiness as a State of Being

We all want to feel happy. Who wants to feel tired, sad or depressed? Coming from a background where I have often allowed my emotions direct me, I know that true happiness is not an emotion or feeling. True happiness is a state of being And that often doesn’t come with feeling great all the time. So then what is Happiness? Well I suppose happiness is different to everyone but here is my take on it.

Maggie’s Definition of Happiness:

“Happiness is hard work. That is, it is working hard at everyday things and choosing not to give up; Working hard to make sure you are not idle, working hard to make sure your children are well-balanced and happy themselves. Happiness is putting your ass behind everything you do, wether it is a friendship or a painting. It is perseverance when you don’t feel like pushing forward. It is telling yourself no, setting boundaries that are healthy for you and then having the courage and intelligence to eliminate or back away from (depending on what the situation dictates)the things (or people) that will harm your attempts at this. And when you fail, you stand up re-direct and keep going.

Happiness is knowing that the feeling of happiness is just that, a feeling, and feelings should NEVER dictate our decisions in life.”

This is just the surface of my happiness definition but for now this will have to work as I have to get to work in my house and prepare for Art Day at my house with my kids. So you can chew on that for now.

I hope you day is full of Happiness.


4 thoughts on “Happiness as a Feeling, Happiness as a State of Being

  1. A good post. I do think a truly happy person can have depressed feeling days, but still be a happy person. Does that make sense? I guess I’m trying to say that we all have off days. Perhaps in an unhappy life the off days outnumber the good days or something like that?

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