Hallowe’en…Strange Things seen….

Witches on broomsticks
Ride the air;
Ghosts could be lurking
You say you are brave and
Do not care,
But on Hallowe’en,
My friend, beware!

-Slavonic Folk Song

The future is often scarier than the past but in the case of Hallowe’en costumes, I beg to differ. Take a look at the specters and haints.


Need I say more? Well to help solidify this in your mind, look on.



How about that old man mask in the bottom left? Can you say creepy ? I can. Creepy. Creepy in the way that he’s going to boil you and eat you, creepy.

And my favorite…


This much creepier than any "Scream" mask.


All of these masks were made from paper mache, which I will be trying my hand at soon. I am sure paper mache masks influenced the makers of “Halloween” (the movie). Well that and a blank William Shatner mask, I always knew Star Trek was creepy…..

Anyways happy haunting as we creep, creep, creep… closer to Hallowe’en.


6 thoughts on “Hallowe’en…Strange Things seen….

  1. Very fun post. Yes, I think by comparison, those Halloween costumes in the past are much more frightening than what’s out today!

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