We Need.

Some things you should know about me:

I am amazed by our universe.

I am a history nerd.

Big breath. I believe we are digressing as a human race.


I read about previous people and I cant help but be awed. Human race has accomplished so much, so much in fact, that we try to give credence to alien races. Our minds are boggled by the egyptian Obelisks, the Roman Stadiums and the Ester Islands. We think we are so amazing and so smart that it is impossible that previous histories could complete their works of genius without the aid of modern devices.

We are a proud people.

Which brings me to my thought of, history is not proud. We have done things that are unspeakable.

I will be honest, I am sick of the WWII movies, documentaries and histories. BUT, one of the most impressive times in my life was when I had the great honor of seeing the WWII museum in Jerusalem as a 12-year-old girl. I was astonished. My heart immediately broke and sobbed. Seeing the naked bodies brought me to my knees. People can be capable of so much extreme cruelty. This was the first face to face I had with that fact.

But the cruelty is what reminds of us of who we COULD become. NOT of who we are.

I am a firm believer in our own ability to choose. It is our gift from God. It is what separates us from the ape, the simple ability to choose what we think is necessary or what is right for us.

The problem? Our own mind.

We can get too far inside our own heads. What do we do to prevent this? My grandma pointed out to me that we need each other.  I NEED my friends. I NEED my family. I NEED someone to tell me how messed up I am in my own mind. I NEED an alternate opinion other than my own.

Hitler missed this.

We should know ourselves, yes. BUT, a part of knowing ourselves is having someone tell us we are fucked up. You have to be open to loving criticism. I truly believe that we need one another.

I need.

So this brings me to the end of this blog. I NEED you the reader to help  me on this voyage of writing. I NEED my friends to tell me when I am not right. I NEED my family to love me, without blindness but without judgement as well.

We are human. We need.

We need each other.

P.S.  I know this blog is all over the place but I NEED you to ignore it, haha! ( Whiskey was a part of this ambition of tonight’s writing,sorry)


8 thoughts on “We Need.

  1. “I am a firm believer in our own ability to choose. It is our gift from God. It is what separates us from the ape, the simple ability to choose what we think is necessary or what is right for us.”

    Lovely. Simply lovely.

    It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Temple Grandin. (Temple is a brilliant lady with autism who has made a great career for herself out of designing livestock containment and slaughterhouses, etc. that were far more humane than what came before her.) She says, “Nature is cruel, but we don’t have to be.”

  2. It’s called “Temple Grandin” it was made by HBO and stars Claire Danes. She won a ton of awards for it, her acting is AMAZINGLY good in it. And Ms. Grandin was a part of the entire process. It’s basically based on the books that she already wrote about her life. It is my favorite movie now. So inspiring! I’ve been planning on writing a post about it on my autism-related blog, just haven’t done it yet. Obviously it hits a nerve with me because my daughter has autism, but I promise you it is the type of film that anyone could enjoy and take a lot away from. Here’s a link: But it’s available on Netflix for rental too.


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