The Thirty-First Year

Epic title I know.

I will officially be 31 tomorrow and I plan on shutting out all technology, save music, so that is why I am writing today.

Thirty-One years isn’t a long time. In many eyes I am still a babe. I have learned a TON in my short life and I know I’ll learn more. I have never squirmed at my age, a year older is a year older in my book, I suppose I prefer to see it as wisdom piling on my head and not grey hairs. So that all being said I am going to list what I have learned. It’s not a lot I warn you! It’s basic at best and obvious, but it seems the most crucial lessons we learn in life are often (say it with me) the most basic and obvious.

Without further adieu……(and in no particular order)

Lesson One: Life happens and often can really suck, deal with it. We are thrown curve balls everyday, some more damaging then others. We have a choice to bury our head in the sand or face it, take the beatings, fight back, learn to duck or re-direct or just get the hell out of the way! Whatever fits the circumstance.

Lesson Two: I am not rich, I am not a superstar and thus can not spend 200 dollars on a purse I think looks cute, even if it is crocodile or snake print. Budgeting is part of the pathway to happiness. Live within your means or feel the stress of not being able to pay your light bill because you HAD to have the purse.

Lesson Three: Credit cards are the devil. But perhaps that goes with lesson two?

Lesson Four: I am full of mistakes. I mean full of them. Some I may conquere, others I may never quite be able to manage but that does not give me the excuse to quit trying to get it right. Accepting your faults is a part of dealing with them. Once you can admit it and commit to a plan to rid yourself of these nasty little habits, you are half way there. And you will almost always fail again, at a time you don’t expect it. Pick yourself up.

Lesson Five: Having children is possibly the most challenging thing I have ever done. If you want to test your patience levels, your attitude, if you want a mirror to look in that shows you all your faults, have a kid. In the end, you will be thankful…..and tired.

Lesson Six: I may think my opinion is right and have no doubts right now about it, but 10 years down the road I may think that same opinion is the most asinine thing I have ever heard. Your mind changes as you learn new things and as you grow as a person. We are always evolving, hopefully into better people.

Lesson Seven: Laugh at yourself. If you don’t you will end up hating yourself or being blind to your true identity as a person. So laugh, laugh, laugh!

Lesson Eight: Stay away from crazy people. You know those folks who seem ‘off” in one way or another. Your gut feeling is probably right. You can’t help everyone. Back away slowly and hit the pavement.

Lesson Nine: Stay creative. Wether its in art, family or love, always be creative. Think of new ways to enjoy your loved one, your kids and your life. Let your insides be reflected in your home so when people come into it, they see glimpses of you everywhere.

Lesson Ten: Be Yourself. You can’t please everyone and there is always a hater somewhere in the bunch. Who cares. Be who you are and take time to invest in that person so that you can become the best you there is. Be yourself, everyone else is taken.

So that’s a little of what this life has taught me so far, there is more I assure you but, I think this blog is long enough.

Tomorrow I celebrate with my hubby. We will be child-less from noon to noon the next day. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been a while since I haven’t had to keep an eye on the kids.



9 thoughts on “The Thirty-First Year

  1. Love this post and Love you!! I did try the other day to get you a birthday card but couldn’t find an appropriate one. They were all really stupid! Anyways Happy Birthday! Hope you guys have a blast tomorrow!!!

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