Energy Levels-Low

The weather couldn’t be nicer today and I am rolling in it like a pig in mud. I am so happy the hot weather finally gave way, I was beginning to feel a bit angry about the hot weather. All in all thought the heat here is nowhere as bad as the heat in New Orleans so I shouldn’t be complaining.

We spent last night with friends, hanging out, drinking and talking about all kinds of stuff and eating some really good venison tacos, prepared by a visiting friend. It was a really good time but I am not moving with 100 percent today. Having a late night plus an early morning with a toddler equals a very sleepy mommy.

We are supposed to meet our friends for breakfast this morning at some point. The kids are hungry so they are already eating here.

Anyways, this is really a very humdrum post. I need more coffee. Probably shouldn’t even publish one as it is completely pointless! Too bad.

Hope your Sunday is full of energy and good coffee.



6 thoughts on “Energy Levels-Low

    • I think today, I may be able to do that. It wasn’t a terribly late night last night but after having two nights in a row where I didn’t achieve much sleep, 8 o’clock might as well have been 2 a.m. ! I am feeling better today though, and I rested superbly last night. Thanks!

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