Parenting 101 (AKA What The Hell??!!!)

I did no writing yesterday. I am hoping to do some today but as it is Saturday and I have plans to meet my cousin and her kids later, there is a possibility I may not get any done today. We’ll see.

I have been pondering parenthood lately. Most of us have our moments of “What the Hell?!” during these years. My moments happen quite frequently, yesterday was no exception.

I went over to  Grandma’s to help connect her Facebook to her soon-to-be up a and running blog Virgene’s Pilgrimage. Usually when I arrive at her house, Odin sits on my lap, fuses a bit but then falls fast asleep for his afternoon nap. This did NOT happen yesterday. It was like someone had given him a major dose of uppers. He flew this way and that way. He touched all the things he wasn’t supposed to touch. He was rowdy and unapologetic.

Now, I can always count on Hattie, my 10-year-old, to be a good example and behave. In this case however, whoever slipped the speed to Odin must have given her some too. I turned around at one point and saw my daughter, the obedient one, perched on the back of my Grandma’s 40-year-old couch (which is STILL in amazing condition). The cushions were all squished and sagging under my daughter and she looked oblivious.

This was my “What the hell?!” moment.

Shortly after, Odin had the cushions off the couch and I was wondering how I had ever thought kids was a good idea.

I was reminded of the children’s’ book, “Alexander’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” by Judith Vorst. I was having one of those days.

After we left, I am sure Grandma took a nap or exhaled deeply or maybe took a vallum. I would have.

On the way home, I decided no cooking for me and grabbed frozen pizza’s and a movie for the kids, walked in the door and let our good friend the TV take over for a few minutes. And it worked….for a few minutes.

I guess some days are like that, said Alexander, even in Australia. (paraphrased from Alexanders Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day)

Some parents amaze me and when I read their tips and pointers, I first feel encouraged and then feel like the crappiest parent to ever walk the face of the earth. I guess we all have those days. But at the end of it, we do the best we know how. We learn to cope with what we have and hope and work to do better the next day.

And at the end of the next day when the kids are asleep and  we still aren’t coping……that’s when our good friend whiskey comes by to sooth our troubles away.

Happy Parenting Folks.


6 thoughts on “Parenting 101 (AKA What The Hell??!!!)

  1. Parenting does not come with an instruction manual contrary to some experts and Christian authorities. It comes with experiences…lots and lots of them and after all isn’t that the best teacher? Unfortunately by the time you have learned all the lessons your children are grown. Something about that just seems sick and wrong.

  2. LOL. I can totally relate to this post. I feel like I try so hard, but some days no matter what you do it just all seems to fall apart. And I am convinced that there’s a little speed fairy running around that slips our kiddos some uppers every now and then just for a good laugh – at our expense. There have been so many days where I have watched Boo run here, there, and everywhere and thought “What the hell?” I mean, where do they come up with some of their ideas?!

  3. I am to blame for some of that. I should have remembered that whenever a mother turns her back to talk on the phone, work on a computer, etc. the young ones react that way. What was I thinking? I deserve 20 lashes. (Please use a wet noodle). Gramma

    • Haha! I know, it is like clockwork! Everytime I try to do something that requires all of my attention and even if the kids are interested in something at the time, as soon as I sit down to focus, Bam! There they are, needing all of my attention!

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