A Wee Post

I couldn’t help but post this morning, even though it is probably a bad idea due to all the things I have to get done before Hattie’s Girl Scout meeting.

I am hoping in all the hubub today that there will be a lull that I will be able to sit down and work on my writing, so far for the past week I have been able to write (or stare blankly out windows) every day. I am sure once this project is finished I will go back through and erase and re-write but that is a part of the process. I have been forcing myself not to look back (within reason), instead I am waiting till it’s completed to go back through and revise. This is very hard for me. But a good discipline as well.

So this has been my wee post. I have to go get my teacher cap on and begin the studies. Hope everyone has a joyous day.


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