“Adverbs Pave the Road To Hell” Stephen King

I quite like the quote above. As I write and as I wrote yesterday in a project that will probably take me a few years to complete, I am aware of how terrible adverbs can be. They can take a perfect sentence and turn it into a catastrophe. If used properly and sparingly  they can enhance it.

Yesterday I wrote for an hour or more and sadly that means I only filled a page and a half, there was a lot of staring out of the window and squinting done . In between all of that was some writing.

Today will, hopefully, bring more words but I am a firm believer that long gazes out of windows and intense focused stares at blank pieces of paper are the road to a writers success.

That and few adverbs.


4 thoughts on ““Adverbs Pave the Road To Hell” Stephen King

    • They should! Though depending on who the research was done on might vary the results. I can see the commercial. ” Experts agree that starring out windows is a very effective and good tool to staying in good mental health, Writers recommend it. Caution: Results may vary. Do not do too often if you smoke pot or are just a born loser.”

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