Care packages and Writing

I am tardy. There is no excuse.

I have two care packages that I am behind on. Do I feel awful? Yes I do. I could give excuses but really who cares? I don’t and I am sure you don’t either. Right now those without their packages are screaming ” Hey you! Where the Hell’s my care package?!” It’s coming I assure you.  So Pikitas and Firecracker, I am so sorry and soon,very soon you will receive some stuff 🙂

I love this project, let me help those in the dark here. A while back my lady at decided to set up a care package adventure, where we bloggers send each other random gifts. Soooo, yours truly signed up and yours truly is behind.

Anyways I love this project because we learn about one another and it takes us out of the virtual world and into the real one, making us real to the other person. I am so privileged to have met these ladies and to read their blogs and relate and converse with them. it is so much fun and I learn from it too, which is the greatest gift a person can give another. So to my blogger ladies……

Thank- You!!!!!

Another gift given today was from my Grandma Seibert. Once a week we get together and visit. We talk about everything. She gave me the gift of a challenge today, whether she knows it or not. That was to write about Ruth. Ruth as in ‘Ruth and Naomi’. As in the bible. And surprisingly….I am going to do it.

The book always has fascinated me… It is one of the books of the Bible that almost never made it in. There is no real mention of God and it focuses on this relationship between Ruth and Naomi and the changes Ruth faces in her life. This is how we, my Grandma and I, came to this subject. 

We sat and conversed about change and how hard it can be. My Grandma has seen so much change in her 84 years of age. Think about it. Think about how much has changed in 84 years! Think of how much has changed in 20! She mentioned how the fast pace of change had made her feel like a stranger in a land she once knew. So it will be for all of us I think. Even now I feel this way sometimes. I look around and I feel not apart of how the world operates.   Even in the 30 years I have been alive so much has happened, computers, cell phones, internet, Lady Gaga…….Haha! Think then, how much has transpired in 100 a neck breaking pace. For years we ladies wore skirts down past our ankles and suddenly, almost over night we have pants (thank you Coco Channel!). So much has happened, it’s truly mesmerizing when I think on it.

Anyways back to the point……

I will be writing on Ruth. But first comes the research which I think I will enjoy almost as much as writing. Thanks G-ma for the inspiration and belief that I can do it.

Frankly…I am a little scared…….Until next time……


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