“If Music be the food of love, play on.”

From Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Duke Orsino:
If music be the food of love, play on,
Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die

With this in mind I give you music for this blog. I wanted to write something compelling but alas poor mind of mine! It will not cooperate with me. Music, most often says what we feel and think but we oursleves can not put into words.

“But wait!” you are saying, “The quote above speaks of love with music as a side note”. This, dear reader is why I give you Love songs. Oh yes, I have crossed that line.

Don’t worry, i will try to keep the cheese away.

So the first has special meaning for me. When I was younger, I used to sneak into a club called “The Hogsbreath Saloon” in New Orleans, My brothers provided this help. This is where my husband and I started spending time together. I loved to swing dance and so i would go and dance with anyone who would dance with me. My husband is not a dancer but he would be there so  I didn’t care. The band that played was called “Jonny Angel and His Swingin’ Demons”. They played a lot of Louis Prima, this one included.


This one of my hubby’s favorites from Band of Horses. I like it a lot too. First line is “I’d like to think I’m a mess you wear with pride”. I think in relationships, this is true. We are all messy people with baggage and part of being someones partner is to help them with their baggage as they help you with yours.


Neko Case is one of my favorite vocalists. This song is not originally hers but she does a superb job. Favorite line is “When we’re older and full of cancer, it doesn’t matter now. Come on get Happy! Cause nothing lasts forever and i will always love you”. What a great statement. At the end of all things, the petty arguments fade and what really matters confronts us and if we have wisdom we will indeed realize, it doesn’t matter and it’s time to get happy.

Lucero is one of my favorites. When I first heard them, I had a hard time getting past the  sound of his voice, it sound like his voice was coming through his nose which usually for me is a put off. But in this case I think it works. He is a poet who is able to write beautiful poems and put them to music.

The Highway Men. So many times love songs are slow and melodic. This one is fun and you can dance to it, plus Waylon, Cash, Kristofferson and Nelson, does it get any better?



Thanks for taking a peek 🙂


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