Smart and Witty…or the lack of.

So….I have nothing very smart nor witty to share. I have enjoyed being in Illinois. I know I have stated this before and I am constantly bombarded with the question of “Are you happy to be in Illinois?” on a daily. This happens especially when find out that I came from New Orleans. People automaticly assume that life in New Orleans is AMAZING with a capitol everything. And it can be. I love it. But I am happy to be in the midwest.

I have amazing friends and family here. They are all creative in their own right, which in turn, inspires me. They are all hard workers, again inspiring me to work harder. And seeing them interact with my kids, makes me want to be the best parent ever. Why? Because they are all so wonderful with my kids. It is a positive space. I am happy. I have nothing to bitch about. Sure I could bitch about petty bullshit, the weather or the dumb-asses on the street etc but the day is too short and I have too much shit to do to focus on that.

It’s not like having a second family, it is having a second family. And I am grateful for the additions.

I am learning leaps and bounds abut myself being here. I am also learning leaps and bounds about my friends and I am getting to know my Grandma’s a bit better (in between Odin’s squeals, wiggles and outbursts of toddler ways). My daughter just enrolled in Girl scouts and is having her first Camp away. She is soooo excited! I am excited for her.

So yeah. I am happy and content and at peace. Oh I still have my personal issues and hangups but they seem  less of a forefront and my family is finally more of the focal point in my life.

So here’s to gettin your shit together and succeeding!


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