It’s 6:27 A.M.

It’s 6:27 A.m….I just returned from my cousins house and from photographing her home-birth. She asked me a couple months back if I would be interested in doing this, and though I am no photographer, I accepted.

I am so pleased she was able to do this. She wanted this experience with all her heart and at 2 weeks over due and a checkup yesterday saying that she would have to be induced this morning, it looked grim. She was dissapointed  but keeping a good chin up.

At 2:30 I recieved a phone call from her saying her contractions were 5 minutes apart, byt he time I arrived about 20 minutes later, they were already 1 minute apart.

She was a trooper. She really did very well and he husband was an excellent partner in the whole ordeal. The midwife and her assistant showed up in the nic of time to help usher the baby boy into this world at 4:27.

I hope the picyures I took capture the moment of everything.

For now i will be editing etc and I have a full coffee cup to do so with. My children will be awake shortly which mean I need to get oatmeal on.

Seeing a new baby brought into the world is truly a mind blowing experience. One minute it’s a thought and th next, there they are, wrinkled, naked and hungry.

Not a bad way to start the day.


10 thoughts on “It’s 6:27 A.M.

  1. Wow what an awesome experience!!! I’m so glad that you shared this with them!! What was the baby , boy or girl?

  2. AWESOME! Glad he finally decided to make his arrival! Again, she’s a trooper for a home birth. Tell her congrats and I know it meant the world for you to be there capturing the whole thing! YAY BABIES!!

  3. I have actually had the privilege of delivering a few little wrinkly cuties and it’s definitely different being on the receiving end. Congratulations on being able to share in the experience!

  4. Aww that is AWESOME! I had all 3 of mine via c-section (with a great deal of labor involved with all 3). But my last hospital birth experience was pure hell for me. I used to (somewhat) frown upon the idea of home births (a little). But after my last hospital birth I looked at the nurse and said, “Behavior like yours is why so many people are having their babies at home again!” – Yeah, it’s been 2 years and I’ve still got some serious pent up bad feelings toward certain individuals involved in that mess.

    But I think it is truly wonderful when someone can experience something so precious and magical in the comfort of their own home. For me that was medically not an option, but I have friends who have done it and I’m really happy for them.

    • Indeed, neither of my children were at home births. My first hospital experience like your last one, was enough to make me think about it when I was pregnant with my son. Instead I opted for a midwife who delivered at the hospital. My sons birth was so positive and the nurses were amazing. I am not sure I will ever have any more kids, but the home birth idea is an option but who knows.

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