I’m a booger, er I mean, Blogger

So i was very excited to get a blogger award. It really makes me feel like I am as awesome as I think I am, ha! My Lady Marina passed me over a blog award.

Marina Sleeps is probably one of my faves .She is funny and says off the wall stuff and she is the great organizer of the Care Package mailing a few of us bloggers are doing. I am always a month behind, sorry to those (Pkitass) still waiting. Plus Marina can out-do any Beyonce move, see her blog at http://www.marinasleeps.wordpress.com.  I would link it but for some silly reason my wordpress is being difficult. Which sucks. I like clickable links.

So to Marina! Thanks you, thank you, thanks! I am so very happy to have this here award, I wear it(or my blog does) with pride!

As all blog awards ago, I have to do a couple of things. These awards are like pimps! They expect things! This shit ain’t free! But no worries, it’s nothing illegal.

I have to name 7 random things about myself on here and then I have to pass along the award to other bloggers. It is supposed to be 10 this time.

First 7 random things about me, myself and I.

1. Today was a rough day, no lie. The kids, I think, are plotting to kill me or send me to an insane asylum, which ever happens first. At least there may be some good drugs in my future, if I don’t die first.

2.I love pit bulls. I think they just could be the perfect dog.

3. I am from nowhere. I have moved a lot. I was born in Indiana, moved to Illinois then to florida a couple times and then to Massachusetts and then to Illinois at 6, where i stayed until 12. Then it was to texas for 2 years and then to New Orleans until about 21. I have an equal love for both the north and south. They are both amazing places to live.

4. I love ‘whodunits’. I am an Agatha Christie lover to the core. I also love cheesy tv shows like Monk, Murder She Wrote, In the Heat of the night, Matlock, Psych and Perry Mason.

5. Air conditioning isn’t used much in our house. That isn’t to say I don’t love it, but when I get my electric bill while using it I cringe…. I never used it much growing up as a kid, in fact  there is a warm (no pun intended) memory of searching for the ‘cool’ spot on the pillow at nights. Now we do turn it on at night if the tempeture is above 85 or so and there is no breeze.

6. Old dolls make my hair stand up. They seriously creep me out.

7. I really love Lavender. I love the smell so long as it isn’t that fake perfume lavender.

Okay so now onto blogs I love.

DorkyDeb is my first pick. I have recently been following her and she has three blogs. One is just random daily musings, the second is about her journey with Ella her daughter and the last is just photo’s of nature. I love all the blogs for the honesty and love. So Dorky Deb, you indeed are NOT dorky but Superb!  And you get three awards!  http://dorkydeb.com/

Secondly is my good friend Swimming-Duck. She is an amazing woman, who at 42 weeks of pregnancy is STILL running her daycare. She complains little and her blog always has something to give. Plus she is an amazing friend .  http://swimming-duck.blogspot.com/

Another favorite is Dingaling. She is NOT a dingaling just so you know but a very savvy lady on top of being a cool friend. She has amazing taste and a good eye.http://ashleyposkin.blogspot.com/

Pkitass- where would I be with out your thieving cat thermos?!!! I love this blog, it’s simple and fun. http://pkitass.wordpress.com/

And lastly but not least is Design Sponge. They are simply amazing, Take a look inside and you will salivate!http://www.designsponge.com/

I would pass this honor to a couple more ladies but alas they have been honored already, so I will mention their greatness. My lady Thypolar at http://thypolarlife.wordpress.com/ and Marina Sleeps of course!

So ther you have it. Thats all there is, there is no more. 🙂 Enjoy your night!


9 thoughts on “I’m a booger, er I mean, Blogger

  1. Thanks for the honorable mention girl! You definitely are deserving of this award! Congrats to you!! Oh…and old dolls give me the creeps man. I’m talking hiding under the bed or rocking back and forth in the corner creeps.

    • Yeah they definately are creepy. I have always been drawn to them even as a little girl. I remember I was at a yard sale when I was 8 or so and I was digging through some old toys and BOOM! There she was, the creepiest old doll I have ever seen. Scared the shit out of me!

  2. Aww! Thank you soooo much! You are too kind, and I’m a jerk for not reading this post sooner! I blame the evil computer death I have been enduring the past few weeks. I have finally moved on to a new computer, not because I wanted to, but because I was forced to as my old one finally kicked the bucket for good. But it’s been a rather traumatic 😉 experience.
    I am just now trying to bury out from under everything I got behind on, while limping along with a computer that would crash after a few minutes of use. Not fun!
    Thank you so much for the awards. I am very grateful for your kind words, and I will participate soon!

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