Been awhile

Si it has truly been a whiile. A week almost and I have missed it soooooooo much. I have taken a lot of joy from my ladies blogging their asses off, Marina, Thypolar, Pkitass and Ashley, the lady with AMAZING taste!

I have missed blogging about bullshit, nothing and everything in between. I told my husband of my new plan to only blog if i could focus on it being absolutely great. He looked at me and said, “But honey, the point is writing”. Fuck. One upped again. He makes an amazing point and I quickly reached into my handbag of “but’s” and found it wanting of any good arguement. Oky so I miss bull shitting and just letting off steam and “putting it out there” as my lady Marina commented to me. Sooooooo…..

This is my new revised plan.


Fuck it.

I am still going to write as much as possible, I am really going to try to make the writing my best but if I’m not writing the shitty stiff how will i know what’s really good?

So I ask your firgivness, unless you were like “Phew one less fucking blog to follow”. In that case you suck some big ghetto booty and I never knew you.

I am posting happy shit tonight because well, why not feel happy right? Who honestly wants to sulk in their own misery? Okay well we all know a few but do we want to be them?

I think not. Enjoy…I hoe:) I mean Hope. But whatever.


And Chapelle…..



I posted this on my facebook recently. One of my afvorite songs by Rasputina.I used to do classical ballet and this song was one song I never was able to coreograph a dance to. So I have took to learning it on guitar… which is no small task.


And i love Alice Cooper and Yes Alice, it is your body. And your bad ass music.


Alright that’s my mind tonight.




5 thoughts on “Been awhile

  1. Yay. I miss reading your more frequent blogging! You definitely need to keep plunking away at learning that Rasputina song. I can imagine a guitar version with your voice behind it and I think it will be absolutely beautiful to hear. I definitely want to hear it when you’ve got it figured out!

    • Thanks! I miss my semi daily blogging. I am going to take more care when writing this time though, so hopefully I can continue to become a better writer.

      It may be a while with the Rasputina song. It’s proving a bit difficult but I will let you know when I get it some what down.

  2. I really understand. I struggle back and forth with the same thing. I want to write when I feel inspired to write something. That is definitely when I write the best posts. But…. I have a very hard time focusing when there is a lot of background noise. And trying to find quiet time (read: fuss at people until they leave me alone for 5 minutes) is very hard to achieve. I get one to leave me alone, and another takes up interrupting me where the first one left off, and so forth and so on. So I end up just fitting it in whenever I can. LOL 🙂

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