Pandora’s Evil Hope.

Okay let me get this out, Inhale………

Can’t think of anything to write.Can’t think of anything to write.Can’t think of anything to write. Can’t think of anything to write. Can’t think of anything to write. Can’t think of anything to write.

It is crazy how when you challenge yourself to something new that once you begin to undertake the challenge, suddenly your mind goes blank. This is happening to me. Call it writers block or thinking to hard (ouch hurt my brain!) or perhaps maybe just a lazy mind, whatever it is, it is pissing me off .

So in an attmept to kinda stay on track, I did come across something interesting while watching a documentery on Greek God’s and Godessess.

First off, I am and have always been fascinated with ancient civilization. It started with the Egyptians when I was younger and since has grown and stretched into all of the old, old, old, very old cultures. Did I mention old?

During Hattie’s first year of schooling we read all the old Greek myths and tales. She loved them, they lend themselves highly to this age. It’s like reading a fairy-tale in a lot of respects, and naturally I edited them for her young ears. She does not necessarily need to know the gritty details on why Athena cursed Medusa. A simple “She was mad” sufficed.

So I saw this documentary and Hattie is getting older so I thought it would be fine to sit with her and watch it through, knowing that she might cringe and squirm a bit if the sexual aspects of the God’s and Goddesses were brought up.

While we watched, it talked about the beginning of the world and the “creation” story of how the God’s came to be etc. Skip ahead to Pandora who was sent later as a curse on mankind. (She herself was the curse but thats another whole blog) Accompanying her is the famous ‘box’ of evils. Now in this box was Hope. Yes Hope.

Now we usually equate hope with good things. Hope is often said to bring people through sickness. Hope is used in the defintion of Faith :  Faith is trust, hope and belief in the goodness or trustworthiness, of a person, concept or entity. Hope helps us get through life’s little obstacles. My favorite hymn has always been “Whispering Hope”.

So Pandora opens the “box” out of curiosity and evils are unleashed on mankind, she closes the lid before hope can escape.

Now, there are many ideas about whether or not Hope was a curse or rather a prisoner in the “box” of evils. But one view is layed out by Hesiod, a greek poet from the 8th century. He says that Hope is empty, no good and makes mankind lazy and less industrious making us prone to evil ways.  The idea of hope is thought to have been viewed almost a dillusional working of the mind. It poses the question of “Why Hope for something unattainable?” Or as Friedrich Nietzsche says in ‘Human, All Too Human”, “Zeus did not want man to throw his life away, no matter how much the other evils might torment him, but rather to go on letting himself be tormented anew. To that end, he gives man hope. In truth, it is the most evil of evils because it prolongs man’s torment.”

I had never thought of Hope as an evil thing. Granted, there is the kind of hope that is crazy, like hoping that you will all of a sudden be discovered for your raw talents without working for it. (That is also called lazy.) But all in all I think most of us would consider hope a positive thing in our life, when properly balanced with reality.

It was a different way of looking at things I guess and it caught my attention. I think it is good to look into the old world and learn about their beliefs and discoveries. Through doing that I have found there are more common things about this life we have all shared through the ages then what would first be visible. I have learned a lot about life just by studying times past and I think that is what draws me back over and over, to the books and documentaries on History, the learning and discovery of something new that is also old. It truly does fascinate me.

So there ya have it. A nerdy post.


4 thoughts on “Pandora’s Evil Hope.

  1. Then there is that whole thing about the difference between hope and faith????It is a bit of semantics I think. In your hymn that you mentioned, hope has an object….ie another life after death vs.3 Hope as an anchor is steadfast, rends the dark veil for the soul whither the master has entered, robbing the grave of its goal. What ever one’s religious beliefs if this is all there is whew?????It is that feather at the ear of our soul that causes a quest for answers and in tern births hope. Loved your post..I am up past my bed time and it still made me think and respond. HOPE to see you soon. lol mom

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