Good Quality vs Loads of Posts

As you all have probably noticed, I have not been posting as much. There are many reasons for this but the main one is this: I want to post truly good posts that have great points, grammar and actually have to do about something other then my sick and twisted mind, though there will still be those here and there.

Why am i doing this? It is an attempt to really challenge myself again in writing. I haven’t done that in a while. The last time I did so, I wrote for a small paper in Columbia Sc doing news worthy stories. I realized that this was not really my forte, I found I had too many opinions, too many pressures to write a story towards a certain angle and I wasn’t much on interviewing people. All that said, it made me grow leaps and bounds!

I have since let a lot of that growing lay by the wayside, collecting sad little droplets of decay.

Another challenge comes from my Grandmother, though perhaps she does not know it. She, for years, edited my Grandfathers works and she herself has written on a daily basis her entire life. She reads my blogs and asks me questions and we recently spoke about words and their meanings and what they convey to people. All the conversations we have had recently has really made me think about what I am writing. Not that any of it is “bad” but I know I could push myself and become a better writer. So this is my goal.

This will probably mean fewer posts, but hopefully of a better quality.

So bear with me. Thanks to everyone who does.


7 thoughts on “Good Quality vs Loads of Posts

  1. I understand what you’re saying. I’ve been steering clear of my blog a lot lately due to some major brain fog and lack of anything really noteworthy to say. I do enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your next post!

  2. Sometimes it just about putting it out there. More for you than for others.
    I write as I speak so as usual it absolutely makes no sense. And I am finally ok with that.

    • agreed. and I will still post those posts too. And I will my personality will still be in there, I will hopefully just be a bit more organized. I really want to focus more on my writing in a more serious way and so I thought this is a good way to attempt to do that!

      Part of what I love about your blogs is that I can hear you saying it, this makes me smile and lets me know there is a person behind the words on the screen. Plus they are funny as hell!

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