Happiness is…..Monday

Well Charlie Brown got a lot of things right. I admit to loving the Peanuts comics. Their truth and integrity always keep me laughing and often leave me really thinking. I know you have seen it, the shirt or picture of Linus holding a blanket and it says “Happiness is a Warm Blanket”. If not see below….

I very obviously do not the rights to this here image above.

And this is true. Especially come winter time. So what is Happiness? Is it a feeling that reflects our surroundings or is it a choice? Well it’s a choice that sometimes has warm gooshy feelings, just like love.

I also think (Oh No! Not another thought!) that happiness comes in small packages. It bundles itself up in things like photos, food, children, puppies and kittens and yes, chocolate. So below I am posting a few pics of things that make me happy.

My son LOVES Nacho Libre. Whne he upgraded to “training” undies, he put them on, pulled them up to his belly and said ” Nacho Libre!” He will be indeed going as Nach for Halloween this year. So below is a picture of Jack Black himself. This movie makes me laugh so hard.


Coffee. I love it, I have written many an ode to this black velvety substance, often using the previous description to describe it.


This next photo strikes me as being a great photo. It is now my desktop picture. I love it soooo much. Plus I like motorcycles, though I know little about them besides how to spot the differences between motors.

This guy below is my pitbull Edgrrr. He is soooo sweet and very much a Captain.

Mr. Edgrrr as a puppy.


and now as a proud one year old.


Without saying and without pictures, my family and friends truly are apart of my happiness.  My books are another part of my happiness and so is this here blog and the readers who suffer my thoughts and endless opinions on life and anything else.

My kids are my happiness too.

My lady Hattie. This was taken 3 years back when she was 7. It remains one my favorite of her.


Another one of my favorites. This is Odin at about 6 months, being cuddles by our cat Maphesto. He is terrified I think. Now they are good friends.

more recent photo of my lady with her cousin and BF Lilli

Yes, the paint is non toxic! This is last X-mas. He was going with a Ziggy Stardust look I guess.


Anyways, this is my Happy list. Every Monday, or on the Mondays I remember, I will post Happy thoughts. So this was this weeks. Happy Monday Everyone!




9 thoughts on “Happiness is…..Monday

  1. I love this. Its so good to stop and think of the things that make us happy. I should do this more. Thanks for posting!

  2. Things that make me smile:
    Watching doggys hang there heads out of car windows with their tongues flapping in the wind.
    Bread still hot and fresh out of the oven.
    Loud baby laughs

  3. Great post girl. I absolutely loved your pictures. Your kids are adorable. Coffee is one of my happy things too! Without it in the morning, the kids won’t speak to me 🙂

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