Not sure what to call this blog.

At night I always seem to have these amazing blogging ideas and then I fall asleep and they are no longer floating around in my head. I have to start writing these ideas down so I don’t lose them, especially since as of late I haven’t had many good ideas and seem to be having somewhat of a writers block. I am not sure I write often enough to have one of those but that’s what we will call it.

So this is a groggy attempt at staying focused and trying to come up with something.

When I left New Orleans I knew I would miss it’s architecture the most, that was the first thing that drew me in when I was 12 and visiting there with my folks. So when my husband and I made the decision to move away, I was sad that I wouldn’t see any of the grande homes in a while. ‘Grande’ here does not necesserily mean big, even the smallest places there can be considered grande just by design alone.

Anyways coming back to the town of my youth and my home in Illinois, I have spent a lot of time house looking. There some very beautiful homes here and some of the architecture here reminds me of that in New Orleans. There are spires and balconies and beautiful windows with stained glass. Below is a link that has some beautiful images of the historical homes with a brief bio of who built it and how old it is etc.

Take a peek.

Anyways, this is one of the many things that I love about this town. There is rather a long list of “Why I Love Galesburg” but the visual is definatly at the top. I am an extremely visual person. I need to see beauty around me, be it nature or man made beauty. If I don’t then I am extremely affected. My attitude shifts and things in my home go bezerk. It really is a mind over matter issue, it just takes a minute for me to get my bearings.

Anyways that’s what I got for today. I plan on posting more of a picture type blog later with fun (hopefully) pictures.




3 thoughts on “Not sure what to call this blog.

  1. You hit the nail on the head with the beauty thing. You must get that from me. I need sunshine and nature. Thanks for the peek at the houses I have known since childhood. mom

  2. I enjoyed this blog. I’m always observing the house’s when I ‘m out. I liked reading the history also. Wherever I lived I always look for the beautiful things around me. It makes me happy. Sure beats the
    negative. I feel like everyone needs a sign in their kitchen: “kwiturbellyachen”

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