Good friends and bad main characters.

Well, I struggled to write even this blog. It has been several days, if not more since I have laid fingertips to keyboard and written anything and many more days than that since I have written anything with sustenance.

I blame this all on my incredibly good friends an of course my own laziness.

And as  sit here writing, I keep thinking about the movie I want to watch. It’s a mystery, and I hate the main character but the whole idea of not knowing how it ends is too much for me. I speak of “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. This of course was a book first and now is a series of swedish films. I have not read this book, not sure I will but I dislike the main character, the girl with the dragon tattoo. Plus the story is split between her and this guy she investigated for a company, it ties together but in the mean time you witness her plight, being on probation, having no real personal freedoms and then there is the rape, which, I don’t stomach watching on screen very well. I find you can elude to a lot and often times you can understand what has happened. But ll that to say I am intrigued to find out how it ends.

As I said earlier I blame my good friends for my lack of writing. The past few days have been a wonderful time spent with them, hanging out, drinking and just passing a good time. We went out to eat together one night, hung inside a couple nights and just had fun. I took some pictures, sadly some of my friends are not in there because I failed to take pictures the last night but I will post some for you here and you can laugh and enjoy what few there are.

Brian looking Dapper after his hand was tattooed by my hubby at the shop.

Here is a close up of his hand, that’s his dog, Ollie, also the name sake of his Barber shop in Denver Colorado.

Awwwww. Ollie looks handsome!

Ok after the tattoo mayhem, there was one more done on Sam, our newest Denver Colorado friend, we all headed to El Rancherito and ate mega amounts of food and consumed our share of Dos Exuis and Margarita’s. One thing I love about my friends is that they all love my children, but not just love them, but actually prefer to have them around. This makes them all superstars in my book. So below is all of us and my children having fun.

My Daughter with our good friend Grant and his loverly wife Jen and the rest of the crew. My friend Ed, I believe is giving me the finger.

And then they ordered a dish that I can not remember the name of but my husband and my friend Ed were very excited about it. We still have some in the fridge.

My celebration.


Ed, also in celebration. (That's his lovely wife to the left, she is like the woman of all trades, girl can do anything,seriously. She makes her own shoes. Nuff said.)


And all I gots to say is my son is like his father and loves food too.

Odin, very excited.


And last but not least, my husband and I trying to take a good picture of ourselves and failing badly and then getting cracked up at our inept abilities of self photography.



If everything seems blurry…you are drunk. You lush, you alchy!


10 thoughts on “Good friends and bad main characters.

  1. I love love love you and your mutha fuckin’ family ( and of all of your friends I know, I love them mutha’s too). Glad that I’m one of them! :).

  2. GOODTIMES!!! I missed you guys every second =( Your the hostesesss with the mostesesses!! p.s. i love the photo of you and D, I reaaaalllllly love that Odin is poking Ed in the neck in the background =)

  3. Enjoyed your journal and it looks like you are having the time of your life. I am so very glad that your friends love Hattie and Odin. Whats not to love.

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